Date Palm Jaggery - Farmer Musings of the Native 'Mishti'!

Date Palm Jaggery - Farmer Musings of the Native 'Mishti'!

With our work we aspire to re-imagine local food systems as being abundant, self sustainable and restorative.

Here is a family of trees that build up the soil, works on its water holding capacity, well suited for dry, arid and extremely challenging climates - the PALM family of trees with its roots growing vertically down, deep into the soil - are nature's sure fix to water scarcity issues, calamities like cyclones, floods and tired soil. With over 2000 species under the Palm family, the most commonly found are Wild Date Palm, Palmyra, Betel Nut and Coconut.



Date palm jaggery or Nolen Gur or Khejur Gur is a warm, memory note of winter goodness for most Bengalis - as it is prepared by the siuli tribe during the cold winters in Bengal. The siulis climb the tall date palm trees, tap it for it's fresh sap and hang their earthen pots into which the sap (neera) will trickle all night long. The pots are removed during early dawn hours, filtered through a layered mesh and then boiled for about many hours at controlled temperature in tin or steel flat vessels fixed on firewood pits - also called a mud oven.



This is done before sunrise as the sap can deteriorate quickly and get fermented with slight increase in temperature. . Prithviraj, the farmer who grows and cares for his Wild Date Palm trees, just a few acres away from our farms in our village prepares Date Palm Jaggery for 8 months in a year. . So, go place your orders on our website - 100% naturally made Date Palm Liquid Jaggery is now available for purchase.



And then, when you receive your first order of this nutrient dense, medicinal jaggery (you could read up online of its nutrient profile) relish it's sweet, smoky caramel taste; but also remember while you eat - the generosity of the trees, it's work on our soil's health and the committed farmer who brings us clean food and feel proud of your immense support for such related livelihoods who work daily to mitigate climate change and preserve native ecologies.... :-)





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