A Comprehensive Guide to Incorporate Almond Butter in your Diet!

A Comprehensive Guide to Incorporate Almond Butter in your Diet!

Who doesn't love the creamy and silky feel of butter in their meals? Now, imagine a more delicious and delicate flavor of butter that is neither too salted like the regular butter nor too sweet like chocolate spread— yep, It's the almond butter. The crunchy and smooth flavor of almond butter presents the premium feel and taste of rich almonds.

But if you believe that you can use almond butter only for making sandwiches. In that case, you are completely wrong! Made using a blend of nutritious almonds roasted traditionally, the rich and crunchy almond butter can be used in our day-to-day lives. Here’s how-

How to incorporate almond butter into your diet?

Let us now spread the subtle and smooth texture of healthy and tasty almond butter in your daily diet.


Almond Butter with Jaggery, Crunchy


1. Begin your day with a healthy and filling breakfast

While you are sitting at the breakfast table, the most common way to enjoy the luscious taste of almond butter is to spread it over the slice of bread. But there is another way to savor the same, that is by adding almond butter to your smoothies to thicken them. Blend the rich butter to your favorite banana and blueberries smoothie and start your day with a healthy and wholesome breakfast.

Want a kick of protein? Bind almond butter with your granola bars.


2. Nutty dips and dressings for lunchtime

Are you tired of eating cheesy dip or the famous pita hummus combo? Well, we have brought to you almond butter dips and sauces- All you have to do is blend soaked almonds in a food processor, and there you go— a rich, thick, and delicious dip is ready to dip in any fruit of your choice.

Whisk it with vinegar, and you will have a crunchy and nutty dressing for your salad. You can also add it to your pesto sauce for making delicious and healthy pasta, sandwiches, and much more!


3. Protein-rich soup for dinner

Almond butter and soup? Yes, that is right— it is possible and comes with a lot of protein and minerals. The soup is famous as a healthy vegan soup, especially in most parts of Africa and Asia. Add tons of ginger, onion, tomatoes, and your greens; There you go enjoying a yummy soup blended well with rich almond butter.

If something hot is not your pick, you can go for an almond butter jam that is again easy to make, and you can conveniently have it with loaves of bread and buns.


4. Almond butter desserts are true love!

Who can skip this part, especially when we are talking about melted and smooth almond butter? Desserts are a love story that we can never let go of! Almond butter helps bake vegan cakes, fudge bars, cookies, choco-almond bites, and much more. You should definitely give this a try!

Before baking these mouth-watering desserts or preparing the meals mentioned above, make sure to grab organic and healthy almond butter. You can buy the finest almond butter from Two Brothers Organic Farms- Amorearth. The TBOF almond butter is made of roasted almonds and sweetened using handmade sugarcane jaggery for added nutrition— an irresistible choice for keto and vegan diet lovers! Go on, and get yours now!