Regular Ghee Vs. Butter Vs. Gir Cow Desi Ghee

Regular Ghee Vs. Butter Vs. Gir Cow Desi Ghee

What is Ghee?

Ghee is clarified butter that has been used extensively in Indian and Southeast Asian cuisine for thousands of years. It offers a slew of advantages, including a balanced nutritional profile and a high smoke point, which allows you to cook at high temperatures without destroying the fat.

Ghee, like butter or oil, is a culinary fat. Its taste is buttery, almost nutty. The important distinction is that ghee has a greater smoke point, which makes it ideal for roasting and high-heat cooking. 

Additionally, it is shelf-stable, making it an excellent pantry staple. You can buy desi ghee online at TBOF. Here you can get the best desi ghee in India. But before that, let us discuss the important nutritional value of ghee.

What is ghee's nutritional value?

Bulletproof Grass-Fed Ghee includes the following:

  • 120 calories
  • 13 grams total fat
  • Carbohydrates in total: 0 grams
  • 0-gram protein

Ghee is produced by boiling butter until the liquid butter fat separates from the milk particles. After removing the majority of the milk solids, you'll extract ghee. As a result, ghee contains less casein and lactose than butter.

Butter and ghee both include trace quantities of critical fat-soluble elements such as vitamin A and other carotenoids. While this is fantastic, do not immediately throw away your vitamins. Neither butter nor ghee provides sufficient quantities of these elements to be used exclusively.

Many individuals choose butter for its high butyrate content, a fatty acid that helps maintain a healthy gut lining and metabolism. There is some contradictory evidence about the presence of butyrate in ghee, but the consensus seems to be not much. 

There is no cause for concern. If you're concerned about your butyrate intake, just increase your intake of resistant starches or include both butter and ghee into your diet.

What are the Uses of Ghee?

Here are the top three ways you can include ghee in your diet in the simplest ways.

  • Cooking and baking at a high temperature
  • Replace butter with it in any of your favorite recipes.
  • Bulletproof Coffee made with ghee is delectable! 

The smoke point of fat indicates the maximum temperature at which it may be cooked without oxidizing. At 350°F, the butter begins to smoke as the casein and lactose begin to burn. 

By contrast, ghee is one of the most stable cooking fats available. It can reach a maximum temperature of 485°F, making it perfect for pan-frying or baking almost anything. It is much more versatile than butter, coconut oil, MCT oil, or olive oil as a cooking fat.

Ghee Vs. Butter

Ghee has a nutty flavor and a smoother flavor than regular butter. It stands up well to strong spices, which is why it is a mainstay in Indian and Thai cuisine. When combined with other fats, ghee extracts fat-soluble tastes and nutrients from spices. It's excellent for curries, sauces, and meals that are slow-cooked or simmered. It's also delicious poured over vegetables with a sprinkle of sea salt.

Oh, and it does not need to be refrigerated. It is shelf-stable and will remain fresh for years. Ghee has many of the same nutrients as butter but includes less casein and lactose. Because ghee can be heated to such high temperatures, it is ideal for cooking. Additionally, ghee tastes incredible and pairs well with anything from roasted veggies to Bulletproof Coffee. 

What are the health benefits of Ghee over Butter?

Boost Your Immunity:

The numerous vitamins included in Gir Ghee, including A2, E, D, and Omega 3, assist to strengthen the body's resistance to external infections and improve general immunological stamina.

Improves Bone Health:

Vitamin D is believed to improve bone health and even physical growth due to the high concentration of Vitamin D in Desi Ghee.

Improved Digestive Function:

Gir Ghee contains butyric acid, which aids digestion and anti-inflammatory activities in the body. Additionally, Gir Ghee is believed to be the simplest dairy fat for the human body to process.

Inflammation Control:

The butyrate enemas and oral butyrate found in Ghee are often helpful in decreasing body inflammation

What are the Health Benefits of gir cow desi ghee?

Here is what you should know about the gir cow ghee:

  • It retards the aging process and softens your voice.
  • Gir cattle ghee is beneficial in lowering your bad cholesterol. It does not obstruct your heart. It has more vitamins A2, E, and D, as well as Omega 3.
  • It is used to treat gastrointestinal problems.
  • It also aids in wound healing.
  • It is used to cure fractured bones and is particularly effective for joint massage.
  • Gir cow ghee is very beneficial for those who are prone to obesity.
  • Additionally, it is eaten to prevent and treat illnesses like asthma, headaches, and sleeplessness.
  • Gir cows have a hump with unique veins called Surya Ketu Nadi. This vein receives energy from the sun, the moon, and other bright bodies. This energy is subsequently converted to milk, urine, and manure produced by cows. These advantages accrue to the goods produced from this milk.
  • Gir cattle ghee is beneficial to human health and therefore a very healthy option.

Origin of gir cow desi ghee— How is it made?

The Gir cow is one of the most popular Zebu breeds in India. Gir cows and all other pure cow breeds in India provide pure milk that is very simple to digest and nutritious. Gir is the healthiest and best milk-producing cow in terms of fat content and protein content. 

Pure raw cow milk has calcium, saturated lipids, and potassium, which aids with blood pressure management. Additionally, it includes a crucial acid that aids in the management of bad cholesterol, which benefits overall heart health. Milk's superior quality and health advantages increase its demand in both local and foreign markets.

Desi cows, also known as Brahman cattle, are a breed of domestic cattle; their milk is described in Ayurveda as sweet, cooling, and rich in nutrients for our essential organs. Desi cow ghee is a highly clarified butter produced by churning cow milk. The traditional technique of producing pure Desi ghee is used.

Gir cow ghee is made only from Gir cow milk; Desi cow ghee is made from A2 milk from different Indian cow breeds. Gir cow ghee is made only from the milk of Gir cows. Gir cattle ghee retards the aging process and softens the voice. Gir cow ghee does not obstruct the heart.

Desi cow ghee strengthens the immune system, while Gir cow ghee is excellent for general health. Pure desi ghee may enhance an ill person's health, and Gir cow ghee is renowned for its nutritious content, which provides you with the power to recover more quickly. Gir cattle are a rare premium breed found in the Gir highlands and Kathiawar woods. 


So, here we have compared regular ghee, butter and gir cow desi ghee. The result is, without any doubt, you can say that Gir Cow Desi Ghee is the best one to consume. Now if you are wondering where you can get the Best Desi Ghee Online— we have a solution for you! For many years, Two Brothers Organic Farms has been among the most reputed brands that are providing the best desi ghee in India. 

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