How to take ghee for weight loss?

All the people who begin their weight loss journey have one thing in mind; to avoid as much fat as possible. The proliferation of information related to weight loss on the internet might have made the weight loss journey look like a world free of fats but do you think fat is the biggest perpetrator of your weight loss journey?

You must indeed stop yourself from consuming artificial fat found in processed food and other unhealthy food products. But naturally occurring fats aren’t only necessary for your body; they can become your best buddy in the weight loss journey. One such product that must be a part of your healthy diet for good fat is ghee. 

Ghee is a clarified form of butter that comes with a long list of benefits, and it doesn’t matter which type of diet plan you are following to shrugging off those extra fats from your body; ghee can always turn out to be helpful. 

So, without any further ado, let’s delve into the realm of naturally occurring good fats and explore how ghee can help you in losing weight?

Can ghee help you reduce weight?

Using ghee for weight loss might be difficult to fathom for many people since people are too involved with the wrong misconception of cutting down all fat sources for reducing weight. If you go by research and experts, you will know that ghee should be inherent to your diet, regardless of your health goal and age. 

Ghee comes with naturally occurring fats that are essential for the proper functioning of our body. The good fats present in ghee absorb different kinds of nutrients like vitamin D, E, and A, and all this helps keep the hormones on an even keel. 

Bad fats are usually found in packed and processed food like processed meat, chips, pastries, burgers, fries, and much more. But while trying to avoid these types of fat, many people shrug off even good fat from their diet. 

What does Ayurveda say?

If you dig deeper, you will find the roots of ghee are embedded in Ayurveda as there, the benefits of ghee have been described in a detailed manner. From its usage and properties to its health benefits, everything has been appropriately mentioned in the Ayurveda. 

When people came to know about the health benefits of ghee, they couldn’t stop themselves from consuming ghee on an empty stomach or adding it to rice, rotis, and chapatis. 

However, buffalo ghee can lead to weight gain, so one should consume cow ghee only. You must prepare even the cow ghee from curd if you want to harness the weight loss benefits of ghee. 

Here is what Ayurveda has to say about the nutritional values of ghee;

Best cow ghee contains a wide array of nutrients, and consumption of cow ghee in the right amount can fuel your weight loss journey. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science, has always advocated ghee. 

Even recent studies show that ghee contains good fats and many other nutrients. Here is what modern science has to say about ghee;

  • Ghee has short-chain-fatty acids, and these healthy acids boost the ability of the body to digest food. It means that with regular consumption of ghee, your body will absorb all the nutrients from the food quickly. 
  • Ghee is also a storehouse of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, and these two fatty acids reduce the extra fat from the body. 
  • The amino acid present in ghee helps shrink the size of fat cells. 
  • You can avoid chronic illnesses like heart attack, cancer, and arthritis by regularly consuming ghee since it contains Docosahexaenoic acid.

Two ways to reduce weight without leaving ghee

You can consume cow ghee in India made from the traditional process of churning curd for better results in weight loss, but you should always consume it in moderate amounts. 

Ghee brings down the glycemic index of the meal you are eating, and it never leads to a sudden rise in the blood sugar level. This unique property of ghee is why it has always been an advocate of weight loss and a healthy body. 

Although there is no restriction in how you can consume cow ghee in India since it can be made almost ubiquitous in every kind of meal but if you want to reap maximum benefits by including it in your diet, then here are the two best methods:

Consume ghee with hot milk

One of the biggest perpetrators of bloating is constipation. When food is not digested properly in the body, it leads to stomach cramps, gas, and pain, which can result in weight gain. But Ayurveda has got the perfect remedy for this in the form of cow ghee in India and milk. 

Just add a teaspoon of ghee to warm milk, and your magical formula for bidding farewell to constipation is ready. You can even add a teaspoon of ghee to your meal to make digestion a breeze for your body. 

Consume ghee with warm water

Many studies show your body can reap maximum benefit from the best cow ghee if it is consumed with warm water in the morning.  According to Ayurveda, you must consume a mixture of ghee and warm water in the morning on an empty stomach as it helps in getting rid of joint pains. 

In addition to this, this magical solution softens the hair and makes your skin glow. With regular consumption, you can keep your body hydrated, keeping your body moistured. Also, it keeps the gut lubricated and smoothens, releasing toxins from the body.   

Ghee contains many natural nutrients and properties that can help you boost the speed of weight loss. Also, ghee keeps the body healthy by improving digestion while making your skin and hair glow. But for reaping all these benefits, you need to consume cow ghee from Two Brothers since we use the most traditional process for making the purest cow ghee. 

With us, you come a step closer to nature and natural processes since we rely on traditional methods for making organic products, and even our cow ghee belongs to the same natural category of products.