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There is Hope - #HealthForAll

The founding day of the World Health Organisation (WHO), 7th April is celebrated by the WHO as World Health Day. The theme for 2019 is Universal Health for All. On this day, we say it yet again with utmost conviction - the food we eat has the most profound impact on our health. The food choices we make have an impact on our environment. The environment of course impacts all Life that lives on this planet. Not just humans. Pause a minute. Give it a thought - are we really doing all that we can? Spreading the word here on social media is great, but clearly, that's not enough

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Indigenous Seeds - For The Soil. And Its People.

One of the most important aspects of the Organic farming that we practice at our farms is the usage of Desi Indigenous seeds - in our understanding, these native breeds have a direct impact on Soil health as they do not deplete the soil of its nutrients. They are innately well accustomed to local climate change, they have an inherent adapting power to climatic stress and can sustain drought conditions, require very little or no forced management and are naturally resistant to diseases and pests. Besides they yield produce which is naturally higher in nutritive value, taste and other attributes as compared to the Hybrid varieties.  TBOF presents a curated account of how crusaders from around the country are pioneering this...

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