How the TBOF Immunity Boosting Powder Is Transforming and Touching Lives!

How the TBOF Immunity Boosting Powder Is Transforming and Touching Lives!

Our humble Immunity Boosting powder was birthed from a beautiful intention. It was the desire to use our Indian spices to improve health and to support smallholding farmers that grow these spices the natural way. 

This desire was equally shared by us and Luke Coutinho. Luke Coutinho is a renowned, award winning Holistic Lifestyle Coach. The Immunity Boosting Powder is his team's formulation. It was a tried and tested recipe by Luke's Team; with specific proportions of each spice.  This plant based natural supplement was prepared and being sold before COVID 19. Little did we know that there would be a Pandemic that would threaten and take many lives and that our defense against it would majorly depend on the strength of our Immunity. Since we were completely in the dark about such conditions, we obviously did not create this product for this purpose alone. 

Our traditional Indian spices, many of which can be found in our kitchen cabinets can help improve and heal ailments if paired and used the right way. While many of us may have the spices at an arm’s reach, we still lack the knowledge on the right proportions, the right pairing, the right preparation and the right source.  We recognized this gap and took the opportunity to bridge this gap. 

Since its inception we have received multiple positive feedbacks, so many that we have now lost count of. We feel a deep sense of gratitude and contentment when we learn of the positive impact that this product had. The smallholding farmers we work with are grateful too. It is a great incentive and encouragement to a farmer who is practicing natural and traditional farming when we support them by purchasing their produce. If we want our entire Agriculture system to go back to the way it used to be, we need to reward those who already are making efforts in this field. 

We wish to share some real stories of our patrons who used this Immunity Boosting Powder and reaped positive results. 

Asmita and Deepti Sangelkar


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Pictured - Asmita

Deepti Sangelkar is one of our dear patrons who has been supporting the work we do passionately. Her domestic helper, Asmita who is only 23 years old, used to suffer from cold, cough and fever very frequently - almost every month. At most times, she would have to take antibiotics to recover. Deepti then started giving her the TBOF Immunity Boosting Powder mixed with milk everyday. Now, Asmita is free of the regular bouts of cough, cold and fever. It was much later that Deepti realized that the one major change made in Asmita’s lifestyle was adding the Immunity Boosting powder drink as part of her daily health regime. Asmita feels much better, looks much better and continues to work under Deepti’s love and care. 

Seema Jhamtani

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Pictured - Seema Jhamtani

Seema Jhamtani is also one of our long standing patrons who have been supporting us by using our products and also doing a lot of word of mouth promotions for us. She tells us that our Immunity Boosting powder helped her and her husband immensely. After using it, they noticed an improvement in their immunity and do not suffer from the usual cold and cough which was a regular affair earlier!

Furthermore, her mother in law, who was also diagnosed with Diabetes, suffered from foot-corn. She was unable to place her feet on the floor and suffered intense pain every time she tried. They were so unbearable, that her treating doctor advised amputation. Seema, out of sheer helplessness and wanting to try anything at this point, gave her the TBOF Immunity Boosting Powder. Much to everyone’s surprise, the foot-corn started healing, skin became better and now she is able to walk without pain!  


Poornima Singh

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Pictured - Poornima Singh and her children.

Then, there is our dear Patron, Poornima Singh, she is a mother to two adorable children -  Jihan Jasmeet Shah and Gauhar Shah.  They would fall ill often and this made her very concerned. She heard about our immunity boosting powder and it really helped build the immunity of her children. In her own words, Poornima explained, “Kids were suffering from seasonal flu with every change of season. I started giving them the TBOF Immunity Boosting Powder with milk by. Within a short span of time I noticed a change. They seldom fall sick now. Their strength has increased, they started doing martial arts. I have noticed improved resistance. I strongly recommend the Amorearth Immunity Boosting Powder to each mother for her children. It's truly a blessing!"

We truly believe that Food that is natural and clean is not only delicious but it is medicine for the body, mind and soul. We hope to positively impact everyone as we strive to produce, create and supply clean and nutritious food to families across the world from our village in Maharashtra.


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