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Immunity Boosting Traditional Indian Foods



Passionate BeeKeepers have collected this Honey, and They employ Holistic methods and are conscious towards the environment and the Bees, whom they treat as a part of their family.

 Coriander Honey is a Monofloral (Single Origin) Honey, and the bees have a vast expanse of Coriander Farms, Farms that are carefully selected, in regions that are far away from urban areas and extensive commercial farming.


- Bees collect pollen and nectar from flowers and store in the cells of the honeycomb.

- The Deposited Nectar has a mоіѕturе content of about 25-30%

- Nectar is converted into honey by adding enzymes and reducing moisture.

- Bees reduce the moisture content of the nectar to 15-18%, and hence Honey is formed, and this honey is fully ripened honey.

- Bees then seal off the Beeswax (Fully Matured).

- Honey is then finally harvested after the above process if fully complete and ONLY Honey harvested after this natural process and not refined extensively is called RAW Honey.

- The straining process is done using age-old techniques, which help retain the Pollen.



- This Honey is rich in enzymes and Pollen and will have a high tendency to crystallise.

- When honey crystallises, it is still as nutritious and sweet as ever! The crystals prove that your honey is high quality and hasn’t been processed. 

- It means that nutritious pollen has not been filtered out and necessary enzymes haven’t been damaged by pasteurisation.

-Two Brothers Organic Farms Honey is more likely to crystallise because we never heat our honey at high temperatures (or pasteurise it). 

- Temperatures lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) can cause crystallisation. 

- You might see white flecks in your honey, too.

-This crystallisation even happens in the hive in colder temperatures.

- But for those of us who like to keep our honey slippery smooth, fill a bowl with warm water (Not above 35 degrees celsius) and let your bottle rest until the crystals dissipate. 

- Be sure not to microwave your honey, because the heat will destroy many of your favourite enzymes and vitamins.



- Unheated                           - UnPasteurised

- Gluten-Free                        - No Antibiotics

- No Added Sugar                - No Corn Syrup

- No Wheat Syrup                -No Rice Syrup

- No Inverted Sugars            

- UnFiltered (Traces of Beeswax & Propolis will be seen)


Please check publicly available information for the benefits of Coriander Honey (Raw)



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