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Indian Berry Honey, Raw Mono-Floral Unfiltered 350gm


Our Bees have predominantly used nectar from Wild Indian Berry (Ber) Flowers to make this honey! 

This honey is a product of Nomadic Beekeeping. It is unfiltered. It is single strained to retain maximum pollen and other medicinal elements like beeswax and propolis. It is not artificially flavoured or infused.

This honey is dark in colour and has a unique taste and aroma. This honey does not crystallize easily.


Stir well before usage. Part or full Crystallization is a natural process..


Raw Honey


‘Ber’ is also called Indian Berry. This honey is made by bees by using nectar of Ber flowers growing in the wild, around desert regions. In this case, the bees have not fed on crops or produce from farms, but on flowering trees growing in the wild.