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When it comes to ghee, the Indian Grandmas indeed know best. Add a healthy dollop of ghee, each day to your main meals. The taste of warm lentils topped by spices tempered in Ghee is unmatched and one of those rare comfort foods that promise health with rich taste.

Perfect to make delicious pancakes for breakfast, pan fry eggs or simply sautee/stirfry your favourite veggies that are in season. Replace store-bought butter with Cultured Ghee to whip up the most creamy mashed potato ever!

There is no replacement for Ghee to make traditional Indian sweets like laddoos, barfis, kesari, kheer. Add a dollop of Ghee to all your paranthas to make them easier to digest.

Grill some sliced native bananas in an iron pan with some ghee and dust your favorite spice like cinnamon, cardamom or nutmeg and get lost in those happy flavors and enticing aromas.

A warm roti with some ghee and natural jaggery on the side is perfect for those sudden hunger pangs.

Ever tossed potato pieces in ghee and slow roasted it in a pan with chilly powder and salt?
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