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Zishta Artisanal Brass Ghee Pot (Handcrafted to Order) + TBOF Cultured Ghee Combo Pack

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Zishta Artisanal Brass Ghee Pot (Handcrafted to Order) + TBOF Cultured Ghee Combo Pack

Zishta Artisanal Brass Ghee Pot (Handcrafted to Order) + TBOF Cultured Ghee Combo Pack

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'Kansara' is the name of a community in Western India, they inhabit regions of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Kansara are experts in metallurgy and in making hand-made utensils from Brass and Copper. Reference to Kansara craftsmanship is seen in the Ramayana. It is believed locally that the art of making utensils by Kansara in Brass and Copper as well as ornaments existed since Treta-Yuga. It is believed in the community that on the verge of destruction of Champaner kingdom Maa Mahakali commanded the Kansaras to move to more safer places and that is how the Kansara folk scattered across different locations of Gujarat.

MRP Zishta Ghee Pot 500 ml - Rs 2700/-
MRP TBOF Cultured Ghee 500 ml - Rs 1750/-

Exclusive Discounted Price for Combo Pack 500 ml - 

Discounted Zishta Ghee Pot 500 ml - Rs 2200/-
Discounted TBOF Cultured Ghee 500 ml - Rs 1620/-
Combo Price - Rs 3820/-


MRP Zishta Ghee Pot 1000 ml - Rs 3700/-
MRP TBOF Cultured Ghee 1000 ml - Rs 3399/-

Exclusive Discounted Price for Combo Pack 1000 ml - 

Discounted Zishta Ghee Pot 1000 ml - Rs 3200/-
Discounted TBOF Cultured Ghee 1000 ml - Rs 3000/-
Combo Price - Rs 6000/- 


Zishta and TBOF, together embark on this beautiful collaboration of Craftsmanship, Culture and Holistic Natural Health. We are truly humbled and proud to launch this initiative jointly as it serves many purposes – revival of an ancient craft and design and supporting a community and reviving them in the times of need. These are our craftsmen, their hands can give metal sheets, stone and clay a voice. Isn't it our responsibility to support and create more room for their legacy and skill to flourish?
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Product Details

Container Material

  1. The container is made using brass. 
  2. It is coated on the inside using Tin to make it versatile.
  3. Can be cleaned with/without soap, or natural sourcing agents like tamarind pulp or lime peels. If the tin coating wears off, it needs to be recoated.

Significance of Kalai or Tinning 

These metals were lined by Tin (Eeyam) to prevent them from reacting with acidic foods. These metals are known to neutralize the acidic properties of food and help build alkalinity.

'Kalai' or tinning is the process of lining metal kitchenware with tin, a practice that is centuries old. Back in the day, it was very common for women to bring all their pots, pans, serve ware and storage containers to the 'kalaiwaala' who would regularly roam the streets. These kaliwaalas were skilled artisans who would easily set up a makeshift bhatti (oven) to melt the tin and then the hot molten tin was poured into the vessels and lined carefully to coat it fully on the inside. The brass vessels would be as good as new once tinning was done by the kalaiwaala, sparkling golden, reinforced and strong again! Recycling and making old things new was deeply rooted in our culture. Handcrafted beautiful cookware and kitchen serveware, storage containers in the ancient day were passed on proudly by grandmothers to her grandchildren as heirlooms.


  1. Using a model of an age old vessel, the artisan community was able to replicate the beautiful ancient design with precision. 
  2. Round shaped antique, brass ghee pot with lid and handle. The Ghee pot has a handle made out of a thin brass rod. The handle is flexible. It rests near the belly of the pot when not being lifted.
  3. Since every ghee pot is hand-crafted, each vessel is unique and there would be minor imperfections in the vessel. 

Capacity of Ghee Pot

The Zishta Artisanal Brass Ghee Pot is available in 2 variants based on quantity of Ghee it can contain - 500 ml and 1 L (please send us an email to for any questions)


The Ghee pot will take atleast 2 weeks to ship from the date of placing the order as each pot is handmade by the artisans.
The Ghee Pot will be shipped by Zishta and the Ghee will be shipped by TBOF
Please email us your inquiries to and our team will help you with all your questions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Mrs Latika Nair
Zishta ghee pot

Ghee pot is beautiful. I bought the ghee for the pot. Not opened the ghee bottle yet.

Simran Kaur
Ghee and Zishta pot

I am still waiting for the pot to arrive. I think the customer should be told that they will arrive separately. And in fact nicer if they arrive together because then you can put the ghee in the pot :while it’s new and
Not used :)

Preethi Machani
Zishta Artisanal Brass Ghee Pot

Beautiful pot and extremely tasteful ghee! As soon as my parents saw the pot, it took them down memory lane when they used the same for oil and ghee. I would highly recommend buying these products, differentiates the ghee pot completely making it easily identifiable.

Somaiah naidu K

Very impressed

Swathi Kunta

Great product!!

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