Making sweets and snacks at home during Diwali was not just to fill bottles and jars with our choice of delicacies or considered as a chore. The time leading up to the festival was also spent in bonding; shared laughter, exchanging confidences, revisiting traditional recipes and creating new ones. Today, we live in a world where many of these traditional methods, regional recipes and countless native ingredients stand completely wiped out and a whole lot have been replaced by options that offer convenience.


Each recipe kit contains ingredients you will need to make the recipe, yourself in your home-kitchen. Few routine ingredients like fresh coconut, salt etc are left out for practical reasons.

The kit contains a recipe guide with clearly written instructions to help you navigate the cook smoothly. The booklet also consists of a barcode - scan it using your mobile to watch the recipe video for a more immersive learning experience.

Please Note: THESE ARE NOT INSTANT RECIPE FORMULATIONS THAT WILL POP UP THE READYMADE SNACK LIKE MAGIC WHEN YOU MIX IT AND LAY IT ON THE PAN! Real, good food without the nasty stuff calls for time and some work, and it's totally worth the effort!