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Organic Pomegranates. (2kg Pack) - Farmer Sandesh Kaka Maharashtra

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    Before you buy these Ugly, nutrition-packed organic fruit please consider the following

    • The fruit is UGLY from the outside but Good from the inside
    • They are scarred and spotted everywhere as we do not use ANY kind of Chemical or other pesticides to keep them looking spotless, but these spots do no harm to the fruit inside.
    • The size is small compared to other market pomegranates, they will be approx. 200-250 gms in size, NO Big size. – we call them the RIGHT size
    • Since we are trying to ensure people get this naturally grown nutritious fruit across India we will be sending them in corrugated boxes and they will be subject to wear and tear due to logistics handling hence some fruit are subject to damage.
    • 5-10% will turn to be bad from inside.
    • The above points are not to discourage you from buying the fruit but to give you a straight forward practical idea of how the fruit actually is.
    • We cannot and do not promise you aesthetically good looking shiny fruits but absolutely assure you that these pomegranates and the orchard they have been grown in have not had a single chemical input/ pesticide spray/ chemical weedicide / polluted water for their upkeep and growth and hence we feel these are pure 100% original Medicinal and can work wonders on one’s health if consumed.
    • The courier will take close to 8 days for delivery as every batch is harvested FRESH and then got to the city Pune which is 150 km away from the farms and then scheduled for couriers.
    • If you are willing to consider the shortcomings we are happy to serve you.

     Sandesh Kaka and his family practice Natural Chemical farming for over 10 years, they came to TBOF to help them with some help with growing and marketing the produce, after our due diligence and checks at our end we bring to you Pomegranate from his farms.

    We absolutely do not compromise on the principals of Natural Farming / Organic Farming and grow all our orchards with LOVE and only desi cow based natural manure prepared only on the farm, what concerns us most is that our SOILS remain chemical-free and their fertility keep increasing by the day and the fruits we produce are in coherence with nature and exactly as nature would have produced them.


    It will be a pleasure to share them with you


    The Colour is Deep Red and the taste is lighter and not very sweet as rains and excess water have affected the sweetness.





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