Papaya Seeds, Desi Indigenous Native Variety 20gm

Papaya Seeds, Desi Indigenous Native Variety 20gm

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Indigenous variety of papaya grown through natural pollination


Seeds from the native papaya variety


Papaya seeds


Indigenous variety

Good for the environment

Will contribute towards biodiversity by attracting bees and butterflies

Fruit is sweet

Native variety is full of antioxidants and minerals.

Usage info

These seeds can be planted in the home garden or in a larger farm space. The trees grow tall and adapt to tropical and subtropical climate zones.

Specific storage info

Store in an airtight box, in a cool dry place.


Not for edible consumption;use only for gardening and farming purposes.


Question 1 

When would it be the best time to plant Papaya in India? 

Best season to plant Papaya in India is during spring (February-March), monsoon (June-July) and autumn (October-November).   

Question 2 

Are these seeds from your farms? 

Yes, these Desi Papaya seeds are from our organic certified farms.