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Papaya Seeds, Desi Indigenous Native Variety 20gm


Indigenous papaya variety, perennial variety, Papaya tree grows to a tall height over time, fruit size is between 1-3kgs, full of seeds, papaya is sweet to eat.

Desi Papaya at the farm, the ones with fruits are the female trees and the ones with flowers are the male ones...the third photo shows a male tree alongside a female tree and pollination happens via bees and fruits are born...this is how nature intended and this is how it's at the farm with over 35% male trees.

Modern agriculture sees these 35% as loss and hence the new varieties are self pollinating ones tweaked by science and 100% females...which the farmers thinks translates to No Loss as all trees bear fruits.

We don't know whether modern varieties like these are Good or Bad, but surely it's not what Nature Intended.

Coexisting without greed is a balance..the art of living.

These Desi Papayas are amazingly super rich in taste and the texture is lovely too...a heavenly treat for those who can have it.

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