DINK|GONDH LADDOO Combo - Pack of 2

DINK|GONDH LADDOO Combo - Pack of 2

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Made with gondh, an ancient superfood.No refined sugar or jaggery.


Bliss balls (laddu) made with edible gum as the main ingredient


Specific storage info

Store in an airtight container in a cool ,dark place.


No added sugar or jaggery. Contains no flour or other binders.This product contains no additives,preservatives or artificial flavourings. It is 100% natural. 



Protein rich snack

Gondh is a nutrient which boosts the immune system

Contains both cooling as well as body warming properties depending on the season

No refined ingredients

No sugar or jaggery

Sweetened with dried dates

High in iron 

Made with A2 ghee

Helps with digestion

A healthy food for people of all age groups



Gondh (edible gum),dry coconut,almond,cashew nuts, TBOF cultured ghee, dried dates


Usage Info

The Gondh ladoo is the perfect snack for any time of the day. It is easy to carry and can be had at midmorning or during evening tea.

It is also the ideal food for before and after a workout.

These energy laden bliss balls are great brain food to replenish the mental energy during vigorous study hours or exams.

It’s also the right food to eat when fasting from grains.