Moringa Drumstick Seeds, 1 kg

Moringa Drumstick Seeds, 1 kg

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Indigenous variety of moringa,high yielding.


Seeds from high yielding drumstick /moringa  variety, for sowing .


Moringa seeds


Indigenous variety

Good for the environment

Will contribute towards biodiversity by attracting bees and butterflies

It is a superfood

Seeds, flowers, fruit and leaves can be used in different ways.

Usage info

These seeds can be planted in the home garden or in a larger farm space. The seeds are of high quality and high yielding.

Specific storage info

Store in an airtight box, in a cool dry place.


Not for edible consumption;use only for gardening and farming purposes.


Question 1 

When is the best time to plant Moringa? 

Moringa is best planted during a warm season and when there is less rainfall. 

Question 2

Are these Moringa seeds from your farms? 

Mostly from our farms and some from our farmer friend’s farm which is in Tamil Nadu.