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Organic, Naturally Ripened Alphonso Mangoes from 'Paarakhi' by Farmer Monika Mohite (Shipping ONLY in India)

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(Available for purchase in India only)

Why is it that everytime we pick up a mango, we unlock a treasure trove of fond memories from childhood! 💛 The king of fruits somehow instantly reminds of summer vacations, ancestral homes, grandparents and their stories, tireless games around backyards in the scorching heat - many a times hurling tiny stones at the mango tree with heavy bunches of fruit in all sizes hanging down its bows.


Mostly mangoes are artificially ripened and we don't intend to use any chemical names here and make this an eery post - but for all of you wanting to get your hands on a box of clean, organic, 100% naturally grown mangoes, here's your chance! 


Meet Monika.S.Mohite who is an MA in English Literature, PGDCA, but a passionate farmer for the past decade. Her farm, 'PAARAKHI' is a sprawling 35 acres farm located at Ambap Phata, in Kolhapur, where the fruity scent of glorious Alphonso mangoes and native bananas fills the air! Check out the videos to watch the Mango trees royally guarding her farm. Monika only practises organic and natural methods of farming and they make their own manures, fertilizers, sprays and pest repellant concoctions.  


Monika says, "it gives me so much happiness to share with you our tale of the making of our farms 'Paarakhi' - delivering health. Firstly, I dedicate this name to all my friends who have kept their patience and given their timely priceless feedback to all our farm products. Paarakhi means a person who has an eye for what's genuine and real. The name was conceived from the first names of my mother in law 'Parvati' and my daughter 'Khyati'. The dot on the 'I' symbolises my mother-in-law's Bindi! It comes with my unflinching promise of 'delivering health' to you all so keep the blessings coming."


It's almost the end of May, so why should you be grabbing your boxes right away? Because mangoes like these are really rare to find. The most special thing being that Monika has let these 'ripen 50-70% NATURALLY on the tree itself'! So not just are these grown organically but are 100% ripened naturally. Check out the most careful harvesting process Monika follows (in the video). You also should definitely checkout the video of Monika showing us her favourite spot at the farms under the mango tree and the shrill sounds of the birds and insects will give you a glimpse of the farm life where summers are not at all like the summers we are used to in the cities. Here she also talks about waiting for the time when the tree decides to give us her fruits and how harvesting should be done. 


So, for the first time boxes of delicious, juicy Alphonso mangoes up for purchase on our online store - grown organically, ripened naturally, harvested carefully by Monika at Paarakhi, brought to you by TBOF after thorough vetting of her farming practices. We at TBOF are committed to a zero-compromise policy when it comes to the quality of the food we bring you - so be fully assured when we say that these Mangoes are of superb quality!


Go ahead, get your box and relive those memories of childhood, of sitting down in circles with cousins around scorchy backyards and porches, pulling down the orange green mango skins between clenched teeth, devouring the glorious pulp flowing down sticky fingers and smacking yellow stains off your sweaty chins! 


Note of caution - these are boxes containing two dozen Alphonso mangoes, grown in Kolhapur - 24 mangoes per box. The mangoes have ripened 50-70% on the tree, hence each box contains 50% ripened mangoes at the bottom and the slightly more ripened ones arranged on the top. We do not rule out the possibility of damage during transit, some room for spoilage during transit etc. Please know that these are not factors we can control, so please be informed while you place your order. If one or two mangoes have been damaged in a box, please do not request to return the box or expect a replacement. These mangoes are naturally sweet, juicy and delicious.

What do you get - One box of two dozens (24) / One box of one dozen (12) Alphonso Mangoes grown in Kolhapur by Farmer Monika Mohite. 50-70% naturally ripened on the tree before harvest. 



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