Palm Jaggery Oats Nutri Bar Pack - 9 bars
Palm Jaggery Oats Nutri Bar Pack - 9 bars

Palm Jaggery Oats Nutri Bar Pack - 9 bars

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This Nutritious Oats, Almond and Sesame seeds Nutri-Bar is sweetened using Palm Jaggery and Himalayan Honey. A healthy travel snack and a great post-workout energy booster! Made using 100% naturally grown and locally sourced ingredients.


Snack time exists to give the body little bites of nourishment to tide over long gaps between main meals. Eating the right kind of snacks uplifts and improves the ability to focus on our day rather than feeling sluggish and full. The TBOF Palm jaggery Oats Nutri bar is our Healthy snacking solution for all odd-hour cravings, promising deliciousness and lots of wholesome nutrition with every bite!


Can be had as it is for breakfast or during mid-day as a snack or post workout. A hot cup of masala chai or coffee along with our Nutri-Bar will make a great tea-time snack! 


Palm Jaggery (24.29%), Instant oats (19.44%), Honey (12.62%), Almonds (9.68%), White sesame seeds (3.89%)

Storage and Shelf Life

No Additives, Binders, Fillers and Preservatives.

Best before 90 days from manufacturing if unopened. Should be had fresh within 1 week once opened.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Once opened, store it in an

airtight container.