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Tara Foundation - Experiencing Gender

Open MIC @ The Experience Studio | Two Brothers Organic Farms, Delhi.

Open for all VOICES without any DISCRIMINATION. A MIC for bottled EMOTIONS. A SPACE to SHARE. Where STRANGERS feel FAMILIAR.


The Open Mic acted as a catalyst that celebrated @tara_foundation vision of Gender Equality, Inclusiveness and Awareness, elated to share the space to host an event so noble in its thought.

A coming together of creative, comical and like-minded spirits, an experience created on their Foundation Day. We were happy to host this event on the evening of 12th June, 2022.

“For smaller organisations like us, Two Brothers is a beautiful opportunity, who believed in our vision and we also found others who believed in our vision. This place was wonderful and the vibe was crazy today. It was all possible because of the space we have here.”
- Kavya, Founder, Tara Foundation


THE STUDIO @ Two Brothers Organic Farms First Offline Store, The Delhi Store, Chattarpur, Delhi

Shout-out to all the creators, performers, artists, sustainable champions, comics, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, artisans and everyone who needs a creative space to express, connect and collaborate among like minded spirits. Yes, like true creative expression, IT'S FREE!

Our Delhi Store is a potluck of such curated and unique experiences, JOIN US FOR OUR NEXT EXPERIENCE!

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