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When we examine how our bodies work and the biological systems that make it function, it is almost ridiculous to look at our external surroundings as a separate disconnected system.

For instance, look at the relationship that rural farmers of our country have with their cattle, and especially the Cow!

The ancient system of farming that still thrives in our villages is nothing like it. Here, most farmers will not even eat their food if their cows fall ill Don't we love our children? And still don't we want them to go to school, work hard and earn a living on their own? All of us have our roles to play. In the ancient rural system of farming, the Cow is our mother. She nourishes and sustains life. The farmer depends on her. He looks after, loves and protects his cattle. They live together as ONE family!

We do not tie our cows. They feed freely on naturally grown fodder. They are left to walk around the farms in the mornings - a good form of physical exercise to keep them fit. The baby calves are always given their share of milk before milking the cows. This contributes in a big way to the quality of milk our cows produce. No cow is artificially inseminated. They are not injected nor feed on anything artificial. They live without fear.




Every time any of us drink their milk, our physical bodies and it's cells internalise this milk. The waste that our cows flush out of their bodies is what nourishes soil. We think the strongest plan of action is powerless without a connection to this relationship we have with our cows. Many a times people question us on how we treat our cows - most often these questions are coming from a space of utter disbelief and suspicion. Some of these questions are painful to answer. The concept of maltreatment of cattle by the dairy industry was even foreign to our country until it was brought in by the invaders.


Experience ancient aroma, taste & nutrition. Churned pre-dawn using the inherited anicent practices. Clarified over firewood.

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