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TBOF now has a 100% Solar Powered Plant

TBOF now has a 100% Solar Powered Plant

At TBOF, our farming methods are inspired by ancient wisdom and rooted in eco-friendly, sustainable practices – every time you buy from us, you create opportunities to sequester carbon, reduce its emissions, replenish groundwater levels, bolster rural economies and save energy.  

We care about securing rural livelihoods, harvesting rainwater and staying climate positive just as much as we love growing native crops, preserving soil health and making food that is healthful, nourishing and traceable to its source.

Glad to announce that we generate 100% of our energy requirement from Solar now. !! 

While this feat was achieved a couple of months back, we actually forgot about it, as the solar panels are never visible, but nonetheless, we have been wanting to share this feat.

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For a startup already working in the GREEN space, it was logical that we look towards the source of our power requirements and ensure we consciously work towards greener alternatives.

Capital is scarce and we had options of utilising this in areas where ROI is higher, but chose not to and instead focus on utilising this scarce capital in areas where we could reduce our carbon footprint (whereas we are the only business that actually sucks out CO2 from the atmosphere, Bingo!! organic food forests).

Farming - GREEN ✅
Processing - GREEN ✅
Packaging - GREEN ✅
Bottles - GREEN (Glass) ✅
Energy - GREEN✅
Electric vehicles - GREEN✅
Business - GREEN ✅(Yes No BURN and not in Red since inception) and still growing.

And as if this was not enough we have ourselves planted over 20,000 trees and helped our farmer community plant over 200,000 trees to date.

Imagine if we were a big MNC, we would have put more money into PR (than to do actual work) to just beat the drum and make noise to show off our GREEN work.

But we are Farmers by DNA, and GREEN is our Bloodline it's more a DUTY than a RESPONSIBILITY for us to take care of Mother Earth, Brownie points or no brownie points, we do this to be worthy of our proud profession- "FARMING".

One thing we figured out for sure is that you don't need to be a pro to share your small wins - for instance you don't have to be a zero waste champ to to talk about and put out some pics of you trying to compost a small portion of your kitchen waste! You have started, in whatever way that was possible for you - that's important.

You have long started thinking about how your actions make a difference - that is most important. You now know that you don't want to be buying something that could be used only once and then has to be discarded.

We are all on this journey together. If you are still reading this, we definitely are in this together. We want to focus on what we can do. There could be so many things we do that are not photographed or recorded or they don't look pretty and picture perfect for sharing on Instagram. That doesn't make it less valuable.

Whatever you are at, even if that was just using a bamboo brush instead of a plastic one, is making a difference. It is inspiring your family and friends to push harder.

What we are trying to say is just keep doing. Please don't stop. :-)


Ashok Malhotra

Real organic

Real organic

Matilda Miranda

I use most of your products.. they are awesome…am addicted to them. Kudos to you an your team of farmers

I use most of your products.. they are awesome…am addicted to them. Kudos to you an your team of farmers

Georgina Peres



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