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Are we Farmers, Capitalist or Socialist ?

Are we Farmers, Capitalist or Socialist ?

Are we Farmers Capitalist or Socialist?👳🌱

We at TBOF relentlessly compete in the world of commerce driven by the race of consumption, growth & profits, but at the same time we are driven by our shared values of hard work, ethics and our pursuit to bring you Nutritious, Native & Natural Food from our Farm to your Home.💚

In the corporate maze of secrecy, protecting competitive advantages and mistrust, we stand apart with our belief system of sharing our knowledge, experiences and prosperity.
We proudly identify ourselves as farmers, with our vision firmly set on the future, technology and change, while we fondly carry our past, ancient practices and farming community with us.🙏🌱🤗

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80+ fellow farmers from around the Indapur District visited our farm with Mr.Yunus Sheikh, Development Officer- Pancahyat Samiti, Indapur and met our Farmer Founder, Satyajit Hange, inspired by the journey of Two Brothers Organic Farms. From a small village called Bhodani, our products now reache 50+ Countries and 1000+ Cities across the world and has touched and empowered over 9000+ Farmers, a truly Farm-to-home success story.🙏


This bunch of 80 Farmers with farming operations in Traditional Farming, Animal Husbandry, Cow Fodder, Grape and Sugarcane space. A farmers group as curious and inquisitive as any businessman in the city, evident from the kind of queries they had;
⭐What are the right crops to farm from a marketing perspective?
⭐How to process the farm produce to create Value Added Products?

⭐How to market produce and products directly to the direct customer?
⭐What are the alternative sources of income that a farmer can explore?

We were happy to share, exchange and learn from our brethren and fellow farmers.🤗


For us, Capitalism doesn't just revolve around the growth of topline, bottomline and margins, but it truly lies in growing and sharing our prosperity and learnings with our Farmer Community.💚💚
Our understanding of Socialism is not restricted to a bit of charity, but involves empowering and uplifting as many farmers as possible, sharing our Success Mantra with the Agri entrepreneurs of the future!





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Shankar Venkataraman

Really nice to hear this.

Really nice to hear this.

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