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Question 1 

What is Monofloral Honey ? 

Monofloral honey is also called a Single Origin honey. It is a type of honey where the nectar is predominantly obtained from a one plant species. For example, our Acacia Honey has been collected from the nectar of a vast expanse of jungle dense with Acacia trees. This jungle is within 3 kilometer radius from the apiary site. 

Question 2

For how long can I keep my honey?

Honey being a supersaturated solution, contamination or growth of microorganism is nil. Therefore if stored properly honey can last long, regardless of the expiration date. Need to make sure that we use a dry spoon to scoop the honey and not drop any food particles in the honey bottle. The colour and texture may change which is natural. 

Question 3

What kind of cloth do you use to strain the honey? 

We use an ordinary cotton cloth or a simple iron mesh to strain the collected honey. 

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