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Question 1  

What is Full Moon Ghee? 

TBOF full moon Ghee is a special and limited Ghee that we make only on Full Moon nights. 

Question 2  

What is the difference between your cultured A2 Ghee and your Full Moon Ghee? 

The main difference between the two is the production time and the significance that this has on the Full moon Ghee. 


 Process wise -     Desi Cow Ghee is made early in the morning on a daily basis 

Full Moon Ghee is made during the waxing phase of the moon. It is made in limited quantities. Just 12 small batches made in a year.


Question 3 


What is the significance and benefit of Full Moon Ghee? 

Full Moon or Poornima has always had a special significance in Indian tradition and culture and has a great belief in the minds of mankind that the changing phases of the moon have a vital significance in all walks of our lives. The practice of making ghee on a full moon night is considered auspicious as the moon is believed to influence or control, “Soma”. Soma is considered the juice or essence of plants, and of life itself.  In the Vedas, milk is said to be the essence of grass, and ghee is said to be the essence of milk. Therefore, the waxing moon and full moon represents the increase of this essential quality.

Theoretically, the water in our body, which roughly amounts to 70 per cent of our physical existence, is periodically affected by the phases of the moon in the same way as its gravitational force controls the tides and tidal eddies. The fluidity in our body shifts and changes the balance in our mind, which activates our emotions to the extreme. Lunar effects on our body and mind were known to ancient Indians and the English word ‘lunatic’ is derived from ‘luna’ or the moon. The full moon emanates the most vibrant and luminescent energies of the lunar cycle whenever the earth is between the moon and sun. We believe that Ghee made on Full moon night does absorb all the powerful energy. The benefit of this ghee in addition to the benefits of an A2 culture Desi Cow Ghee, may include lubrication of joints, aids absorption of nutrients, reduction of inflammation and calming of the mind. 

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