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Question 1 

What is Monofloral Honey ? 

Monofloral honey is also called a Single Origin honey. It is a type of honey where the nectar is predominantly obtained from a one plant species. For example, our Acacia Honey has been collected from the nectar of a vast expanse of jungle dense with Acacia trees. This jungle is within 3 kilometer radius from the apiary site. 

Question 2

For how long can I keep my honey?

Honey being a supersaturated solution, contamination or growth of microorganism is nil. Therefore if stored properly honey can last long, regardless of the expiration date. Need to make sure that a dry spoon is used,at all times, to scoop the honey and not allow any food particles to drop inside the bottle of honey. The colour and texture may change, which is natural. 

Question 3

Can I add it to hot water? 

No, we do not recommend adding it to any hot drinks. Nutrients in the honey get compromised when added to hot drinks.  

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