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Families all around the country and the world have started to soak in the festive spirit that has set in, making plans for Diwali. We think it's a good time for us at TBOF to announce our first ever 'Outreach Campaign' - #GharLaaoGhee ! Why Diwali? Because we wanted to bring this to the world at a joyous time when there is brightness and the light of happy intention to surround it.🙂✨🙏 .


Being farmers and spending most of our work time in our farm-kitchen (or call it our processing unit) and in the company of trees, plants, insects and animals, we must admit that how we envisioned our first ever campaign might seem seriously outside the traditional format.


However, few thoughts on our mind are very clear - let's put that out. 


We did not want this to end up as another advertisement gimmick we are all used to during the festive season.


Its imperative hence, to point out that our #GharLaaoGhee movement is not about the ghee we make at TBOF! Whenever we'll be using the word ghee it will mean Shuddh Desi Ghee - yes, we make a fabulous one at TBOF, but nonetheless, there are many other options available in the market today - startups that are passionately clarifying fermented desi cow milk to produce this golden superfood in small batches, or better-still - go ahead take a deep dive and make it at home yourself if you can.



What's the essence or objective of the #GharLaaoGhee campaign?


Quite straight forward - it will be an appeal to holistic health through food. (yes we know, 'holistic' is tiring to hear when every other food campaign is screaming holistic these days). By 'health' we do not mean a state of no disease, or not experiencing pain of any kind. That's not Health for us. By health we mean a state of true happiness and joy - experienced in the mind and body and expressed naturally as we go about our daily lives. This all dimensional approach is why we call it holistic or wholesome. 



 In 1826, the french physician Anthelme Brillat Savarin wrote; 
Dis-moi ce que tu manges, jete dirai ce que tu es. 
which translates as 'Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.' 


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What we see above is an article published  in The Atlantic in Feb 1922 titled - Medicine cannot do this for you - Your strength and vigor depend on what you eat.


We are now seeing foods that are centuries-old and native to our land and culture, returning to our kitchens to find a place of strong purpose, cultural identity and respect. Some of these foods are more than 5000 years old - be it Khapli or Emmer, millets and grains like Ragi, Sorghum or Jowar, kachi ghani oils, Jaggery or Gur or gud etc. Its being reported that most current food obsessions at michelin star restaurants are centuries-old. Author of the book, In Defence of Food, the famous Michael Pollan clearly explains how traditional food is best for our bodies and that its high time that we start eating like our ancestors.


As also shown in the article published in The Atlantic (above), fermented foods have existed since many a thousand years. Fermented foods are sure ancient, but somehow our relationship with them did not reach the intimate potential that our ancestors always envisioned. so, in that sense, it's time these foods be celebrated and given their due. Fermented foods can thus be called 'ancient-future' foods. In india fermented foods are so deeply ingrained in our culture, so much so that we could eat something fermented everyday. The light fluffy dhokla, the idlis and dosas that no longer remain only a South Indian's domain, our spicy, tangy homemade pickles, the lassi, chaas and even our jalebis with the perfect dash of sourness are all fermented foods.



Now, to cut the long story short -  how often do we think of Ghee when talking about fermented food? The Desi Ghee that nutritionists, chefs and home makers all over the world have been talking about is a classic story of clean fermentation. Many of us know already that Ghee is India's gift to the world - or let's say to humanity. Its a problem solver - native to our land and many centuries old. The live cultures of microbes that get cultivated during the fermentation of Indigenous Desi cow milk to make Dahi is what imparts the healing probiotic properties to the Ghee.


 traditional foods, ancient foods, how should we eat, eat like our ancestors, #gharlaaoghee, gharlaaoghee, Desi Ghee TBOF, TBOF, Two Brothers organic Farms, Diwali Offers 2019, Diwali Offers, Why is ghee a superfood, Desi Ghee benefits, Gir Cow Desi Ghee, Gir Cow Ghee, Desi Ghee, Ghee, Gheeoffers

The #GharLaaoGhee campaign is our answer to the reckless flood of marketing campaigns we all have to deal with during the festive season. What should you expect from this campaign?

  • A lot of useful info about Desi Ghee that will educate and inspire.
  • The process we follow at TBOF while making Ghee and some tips for you to follow if you have to make this in your kitchens.
  • A warm candid introduction (through all our Social Media handles) of all the artisans in our village who make the TBOF Amorearth Ghee story truly special. (And of-course some offers and discounts to motivate you)


It's high time that we unshackle the industry driven system and its impressions of 'food-like products' in the supermarket or in our kitchens and instead move on to a more inclusive approach that ensures a meeting point for tradition, culture, nature and nutrition on our plates.


It's time we spoke of Good Food honestly !



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