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Crunchy peanut butter has a delicious texture which is great for making cookies. 

Peanut butter blondies are a great snack for tea time. Made with crunchy peanut butter and emmer flour, it is a special treat which is equally healthy.

A PB&J sandwich is a delectable combination, perfect for sudden hunger pangs. Add a generous layer of peanut butter on whole grain bread and top with your favourite jam of choice to munch away in contentment.

Also ideal for pie fillings and to add to chocolate desserts.

A sweet, peanut butter with crunch is like dessert in a jar.Add it to some grilled bananas , an extra drizzle of honey and it is absolutely heavenly.

A peanut butter smoothie, tops the list of decadent but still healthy smoothies. Toss in cold milk of choice, a ripe banana, some dates or figs or raisins, a few tablespoons of jaggery sweetened peanut butter and give it a quick blitz. Want to throw in some dark chocolate...go ahead...A healthy snack which feels like guilty pleasure on the taste buds.

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