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The start of summer vibes


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Peanut butter sweetened with jaggery is a delicious spread for crunchy whole grain toast. It is a great breakfast option or a pre or post workout snack.

The combination of the creamy peanut texture with the sweet taste of jaggery makes this a wonderful ingredient for tasty desserts.

Strawberries, bananas, chocolate, coffee ,coconut ,dates and tea are flavour pairings which taste amazing with TBOF sweetened peanut butter.

Slit some dates in the middle, stuff it with creamy sweetened peanut butter and add some shavings of grated chocolate and you have bite sized morsels of healthy deliciousness in no time.

A millet cracker with a thin spread of sweet peanut butter with an extra drizzle of moistness with honey is so good that you cannot stop with one.

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