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Arjun Ghee for Heart, Cardiovascular Health

Arjun Ghee for Heart, Cardiovascular Health

This Arjuna Tree is currently being “evaluated” for its claim (by ancient indian medicine) to be beneficial in treating chronic heart related ailments , combating sugar spikes in the blood, aiding healthy digestion and delaying ageing. 


We proclaim to be health conscious. We know what cardiomyopathy means. We have conversations and debates about vegan diets, intermittent fasting , sleep apnea, building core strength and a host of other similar topics which are what we believe is the route to living a long and healthy life.


The Arjuna Bark - What is it?

Mention the word “Arjuna” and we will immediately be reminded of stories of the Pandavas and the Mahabharatha.

A small percentage of us may know of the tree Terminalia Arjuna.

It is thought of as a medicinal herb, but in reality it is a medicinal tree.

It is a native species which flourishes throughout our Indian subcontinent . 

This Arjuna Tree is currently being “evaluated” for its claim (by ancient indian medicine) to be beneficial in treating chronic heart related ailments , combating sugar spikes in the blood, aiding healthy digestion and delaying ageing. 

The Nutritional Powerhouse for Your Health

‘Sounds quite incredible and probably too good to be true’… is how the West usually approaches Indian herbal remedies.

Unfortunately the trend seems to have penetrated into us educated lot as well who need more than ample proof that our native medicinal plants are actually good for us and not an old timer’s tale !

Thus far, the findings have failed to reveal any side effects of taking this arjuna concoction and have only continued to prove that it is in fact a powerful medicinal plant species.

The Invaluable Wisdom of Ancient Indian Medicine

There is so much that we cannot even fathom about ancient Indian medicine. With so many modern methods and equipment at our disposal we fail to gather the knowledge that ancient herbal medicine folk seemed to have at their fingertips. This is because they lived with the land in a symbiotic relationship. 

The food they ate for taste as well as for wellness came from what grew around them. Their instinct for survival was as sharp as was possessed by other creatures of the wild. Man being the ‘more intelligent’ of beings went on to brew concoctions, dry and pound powders and make medicinal ointments for topical applications.

Their life span may have been shorter a few centuries ago but before that there is documentation of humans in India living past the age of 500 years or more.

It’s not just about living a long life is it ? It is about living well.

 The Arjuna Tree also has ornamental value in its conical leaves, pale cream flowers and fruits which resemble the seed of an amla but in a larger size. It is the reddish brown bark of this tree which has found its way into medicinal brews. Studies show that it was blended with milk before being administered.

Enter us in 2023 with our lactose intolerance and vegan mindsets without realising that if this bark were to be had without the right ingredients it may not have the same effect but could also be unsafe. The native cow milk is full of healthy fats and A2 beta casein which is easy on digestion and aids in the assimilation of the Arjuna bark.

Since milk is an easily perishable product, the more simpler way to have a regular helping of arjuna in the diet was obviously through the desi ghee. This proved a dual role of adding the benefits of A2 ghee which also included the nutritional advantages of the Arjuna bark.

For those of us who have healthy tickers ,the Arjuna ghee is still a good buy because it also provides so many more health benefits.


“Arjuna contains a host of bioactive compounds like cardenolide, tannins, flavonoids, triterpenoid saponins, ellagic acid, and gallic acid which provides amazing healing properties.” (net .meds)

- Cardenolides are plant based natural steroids which improve heart rhythm and prevent cardiac failure

  • Tannins are responsible for inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungus

  • Ellagic acid is anti inflammatory

  • Gallic acid prevents ageing

The important thing to note here is that all of these ingredients on their own can also have toxic side effects but when present in their natural form , it is in a ratio which nature has created to protect rather than destroy.

Taking any one component out and analysing it will not provide the result. So too the manner in which the Arjuna bark is dried and powdered or infused in the ghee must be done exactly as guided by ancient medicine experts or documented in the manuscripts.

At TBOF the process of discovering and reintroducing these naturally health rich foods is a passion which comes from understanding the magnificence of our native foods and their incomparable benefits to health.

As we pen this article, there are countless fellow citizens climbing steps to visit specialists and receive alarming messages about time left on this Earth. We can’t help everyone but we can make a start and help whoever is open to understanding the role that indigenous plant life plays in our existence.

Try the Arjuna ghee and find your own path to good health.

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