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GI Tagged Single Origin Byadgi Chillies from Byadgi, Karnataka

GI Tagged Single Origin Byadgi Chillies from Byadgi, Karnataka

Modern home cooks enjoy making various international cuisines, such as Thai red curry paste or harissa paste, using locally sourced ingredients. Byadgi chillies' vibrant color makes them a winner in homemade sauces and condiments. 

Byadgi Chillies: A Culinary Gem from Karnataka's Haveri District

To a non-foodie, the idea that a wrinkled dried red chilli can generate a vast amount of excitement will be utterly baffling. But to the passionate food enthusiasts, including knowledgeable home cooks, food writers, bloggers, food travelers, chefs, recipe developers, and those who document culinary history, the Byadgi chilli is undoubtedly an ingredient to be celebrated.

GI of the Byadgi Chillies

To understand the nomenclature of heirloom ingredients, we often find that they are named after their place of origin. In the Haveri district of Karnataka, lies the town of Byadagi, where the Byadgi varieties of chillies are grown. These chillies were granted the Geographical Indication (GI) tag in February 2011, with the tag number 129, and there are two main varieties from this area.

The more popular one is the long wrinkled kind, locally known as "kaddi." Additionally, there is a shorter, rounder variety referred to as "dabbi" in the region. Byadgi chillies are rain-fed crops, cultivated by farmers during the monsoons, and the soil and climate in this region are perfect for their growth. The unique sweet flavor of Byadgi chillies is believed to be a result of the cool earth and settling of frost after the rain, making the region's soil and climate essential contributors to their distinct characteristics.


For today’s consumer, understanding the benefits of supporting farmer brands, knowing the source of their food is of utmost importance. An ingredient grown in its place of origin not only tastes better but also contains the right nutrients nature provides. Technology simplifies the process of traceability, allowing consumers to access authentic products with just a click of a button, reducing reliance on middlemen and ensuring conscientious sourcing.

As a conscientious farmer brand with a wide consumer reach, Two Brothers takes the responsibility to reach out to farmers and bring naturally grown spices, including Byadgi chillies, from their region of origin. This benefits both the farmer, as they get fair prices, and the consumer, as they can trust the authenticity of the products.

Culinary Heritage

The rich cuisine of the Karnataka belt, with Udipi and Mangalorean dishes being most talked about, prominently features Byadgi chillies in many native recipes. From Udipi sambar and bisi bele bath to Mangalorean coastal coconut-based recipes, the vivid red color and unique flavor owe their presence to Byadgi chillies used in masala pastes and tempering.

Even the bright red of the Mysore masala dosa, surprisingly low on spice despite its vivid color, comes from the native Byadgi chilli. In addition to using the chillies whole, they are also dried and ground into chilli powder, resembling Kashmiri chilli powder in color and taste.


Modern home cooks enjoy making various international cuisines, such as Thai red curry paste or harissa paste, using locally sourced ingredients. Byadgi chillies' vibrant color makes them a winner in homemade sauces and condiments. Their long shelf life and ease of storage at room temperature make them a sought-after ingredient for all types of chilli preparations. They blend perfectly with spicier chillies, creating marinades and pastes with gorgeous color and fantastic flavor.

Importance of Using Authentic Spices

Enhancing a cool white raita with a dusting of eye-popping red chilli powder is a soul-satisfying task when putting together a meal. In ancient Vedic texts, a meal that shows deep reverence for the food available and consumed is considered the right way to nourish the mind, body, and soul.

Choosing a diet with core ingredients sourced from authentic food producers, growers, and manufacturers ensures health benefits. Tainted ingredients with artificial colors and additives can negatively impact the digestive tract. Therefore, it is essential to buy superlative quality ingredients with a backstory that includes information on cultivation and production.

The rise in popularity of Byadgi chillies has led to the emergence of numerous brands seeking to capitalize on consumer interest and rising demand. Some brands attempt to capture the market segment by slashing prices and offering unimaginable discounts, compromising the farmers and neglecting quality standards.

However, it is vital to remember that real food should not come cheap. Understanding the backstory of foods with a GI tag highlights the hard work involved in preserving native ingredients, which not only contribute to health but also support the environment and farmer welfare.

With awareness comes long-term health, while ignorance could lead to funding local hospitals!

In conclusion, Byadgi chillies are not just a wrinkled dried red chilli but a culinary gem deeply rooted in history and tradition. Celebrated for their unique flavor, vibrant color, and rich heritage, these chillies continue to capture the hearts and taste buds of food enthusiasts and home cooks alike. Supporting authentic farmer brands and conscientious sourcing ensures not only delightful culinary experiences but also a sustainable and healthier future.

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