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Five Ways You Can Save the Earth by Buying Organic

Five Ways You Can Save the Earth by Buying Organic

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Eating organic brings along a long list of health benefits. It is not only free of pesticides, GMO ingredients, antibiotics and artificial hormones, but also helps rejuvenate and protect our precious Earth.

Most people often tend to ignore the organic section in grocery stores as they have the misconception that it'll be expensive. However, it is now vital that we know the misconceptions related to buying organic and acknowledging its health benefits.

It is 2021— time to go organic, people!

Five Ways You Can Save the Earth by Buying Organic

1. Keep the farms chemicals and pesticides free.

It is known to all that in today's date, every crop requires certain pesticides and toxic chemicals to help the crops grow faster and look more appealing to fulfill the growing needs of the human population. However, not many are aware that pesticides are known to cause certain cancers.

While the chemically grown crops look appealing to the eyes, they don't provide the body with many benefits. They are a threat to human health, cause soil erosion and pollute the land, which is terrible for Mother Earth. Here, organic farming comes as a savior and keeps the soil and farm healthy and green.

2. Organic foods are carbon dioxide absorbent.

Organic food is known to use little to no fertilizers for their growth and development, which means that they are eco-friendly and also do not pose any threat to the environment, unlike regular crops. Organic crops are not only packed with minerals, vitamins, and protein but are also carbon dioxide absorbent.

Our environment is filled with toxic particles from factory emissions, and deforestation has also been recorded in many parts of the world. In such a situation, organic crops play a vital role since they absorb carbon dioxide, thus, making the atmosphere less toxic and more breathable.

3. Bringing in the healthy and nourished soil

The crop's quality depends on how you treat the soil— yes, you need to nourish it properly and keep the chemicals away from it!
If you treat the soil with pesticides and toxic chemicals, it is sure that the crops' quality will be affected even if they grow faster and look appealing.

For planting organic crops, toxic pesticides are not put to use, which further helps retain the fertility of the crops and keeps them healthy and long-lasting. The soil has millions of healthy bacteria, which can be used for planting other crops and keeping the soil pesticide-free.

4. Prevents soil erosion

Soil erosion is a concerning topic as it destroys the plants and the soil, both, which could have been used for future plantations. Organic farming helps in fighting soil erosion, thus nourishing the soil with goodness.

Did you know? Organic crops hold eight inches more topsoil than chemically treated soil. It holds the topsoil in place and retains its strength. Thus, no more chemical intervention and only enhancing biodiversity.

5. It is all-natural

Organic crops hold the law of nature in place. There was no trace of chemically grown produce in the earlier times— no wonder our grandparents glow in every picture of that black and white photo album that you found in the trunk. Today, some scientific advancements have developed pesticides and disturbed our habits, leading to diminishing eyesight, pimples, and weak immunity.

So, it is high time we should go back to the laws of nature and use natural methods of farming instead of harming ourselves and the environment. Let us all pledge to go #allorganic!



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