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What is Cultured Ghee, and How will Making a Switch To It Help You?

What is Cultured Ghee, and How will Making a Switch To It Help You?

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Ghee is one of the essential ingredients found in every Indian household. In earlier times, people used to make Ghee at home, and it worked like magic for them. However, in today's time, many people are looking for lactose-free products, so they often give up on ghee. But there is a solution to this problem— we are talking about cultured ghee!

If you are curious to know the following, then please read ahead:

  • What is cultured ghee?
  • How is it made?
  • What are its benefits?


What is Cultured Ghee?

We all know about the nourishing and healthy benefits of ghee— it has been referred to as the best type of oil or clarified butter for cooking and other household chores. In fact, as per this study, soybean oil produces 10x acrylamide compared to ghee when each fat particle is heated to 320°F (160°C). 

What differentiates cultured ghee from regular ghee is that it is made from yogurt or curd. Pure ghee is preferred by dairy-sensitive people who want to live a natural and organic life. Another reason why many people prefer cultured ghee is it offers a fuller flavor and leaves no room for impurities.


How is Cultured Ghee made?

Cultured ghee is prepared by separating heavy cream from the A2 milk; Further, fermenting the cream into yogurt, which is then churned into butter. Once the butter is melted and completely simmered, the water evaporates, and the milk solids are settled towards the bottom— giving us an organic and pure stock of cultured ghee. 


What are the benefits of Cultured Ghee?

Cultured ghee, unlike regular butter ghee, contains lactic acid due to the difference in raw ingredients. This lactic acid aids digestion and makes it a lactose-free dairy product. Here are a few more benefits of switching to cultured ghee:


1. Promotes weight loss 

Cultured ghee can help with weight loss, and since it is lactose-free, and is suitable for people with extreme lactose intolerance. Ghee's saturated fats act as a filler, helping to keep calorie intake in check. It also helps to improve the metabolism of the human body, resulting in natural weight loss for a human who is following a healthy lifestyle and diet.


2. Colon care and management

Butyrate, a natural supplement for maintaining a healthy colon, is found in cultured ghee. Incorporating cultured ghee into your diet will help you maintain a healthy colon, resulting in frequent bowel movements, relief from IBS symptoms, and natural relief from the discomfort of chronic constipation, among other benefits. Adding Butyrate to the diet aids in the removal of toxins from the body, as well as helps in maintaining a healthy weight.


3. Strengthens the brain and nervous system

Adding cultured ghee to daily diet results in brain nourishment, increased concentration, improved memory, and strengthened nervous system. The incorporation of ghee in the diet is advised to every age group— be it toddlers, teenagers, adults, and senior family members. While children benefit from the healthy growth of the brain, seniors benefit from preventing memory loss.


4. Boosts the immunity

Cultured ghee is high in nutrients and can help provide a nutritious boost. One of its unique advantages is that it strengthens immunity when consumed in moderation. The organically made ghee is a simple way to improve overall health, which provides natural protection against pathogens and external toxins, which artificial ghee might fail to do!


Due to an increase in workload and the fast lifestyle, people do not have much time to make ghee at home. At Two Brothers Organic Farms— Amorearth, we sell the best and finest quality cultured ghee. The pure desi Gir cow ghee is made from fermented butter churned out of yogurt or curd. Moreover, we ensure that the milk and butter used to make the yogurt is 100% organic. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go order one for yourself and your loved ones.


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