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coconut oil for face

6 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil for Face

Explore the transformative benefits of coconut oil for faces - a natural moisturiser and cleanser. Discover the secret to a glowing complexion.

Remember those hot “champis” your mother gave on lazy weekends? The warmth of that bowl with slightly hot coconut oil, coupled with a relaxing and sleep-inducing massage, almost made you doze off into sleep! 

Coconut oil often holds nostalgic memories from childhood, particularly in its role of strengthening hair. However, this versatile oil isn't limited to hair care; it also works wonders on the skin!

This “cure-all” oil offers versatile health benefits that are beneficial for your skin, especially for your face. Facial skin is often sensitive, delicate, and thin, deserving special care. 

The effect of coconut oil on face can be quite beneficial. Using coconut oil for face creates a protective shield, hydrating deeply and promoting a healthy complexion. This natural elixir offers your face a radiant, supple glow. 

Its benefits don’t end here; there are more.

We will explore six benefits that coconut oil from Two Brothers Organic Farms has on your face. But before that, let’s see two different varieties of coconut oil for your skincare routine.

Tablе of Contеnts

  • 2 Variеtiеs of Coconut Oil: What is thе Diffеrеncе? 
  • 6 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Face
  • FAQs: Discover Newfound Glow with 6 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Face
  • Conclusion

2 Variеtiеs of Coconut Oil: What is thе Diffеrеncе?

Discover the nuanced world of coconut oil with a focus on two distinct varieties: cold-pressed and wood-pressed.

  • Virgin/Cold-Pressed: Cold-pressed coconut oil is extracted without heat, preserving its natural nutrients and flavours. This method retains a slightly higher nutrient profile. 

  • coconut oil for face

  • Wood-Pressed: This type of coconut oil is extracted using a wooden press, offering a unique texture and aroma. This may have a distinct flavour and texture from the traditional process.

  • coconut oil for face


    Whether you use wood-pressed or virgin coconut oil for faces, you can enjoy the varied benefits owing to their nutrient profiles.

    6 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Face

    Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, providing essential nutrients that nourish and protect the skin, promoting hydration, elasticity, and a healthy complexion. 

    Now, let’s see what happens if we apply coconut oil on face.

    1. Moisturises Dry Face Skin

    Put your cracked facial skin woes behind you! For an excellent and budget-friendly moisturiser, consider coconut oil. Fatty acids and vitamin E in coconut oil serve as superb natural moisturisers, offering both protection and nourishment. It forms a protective barrier, locking in moisture and preventing dryness. With regular use, coconut oil leaves your face perfectly soft and supple.

    Use coconut oil on your face daily to make your skin supple. While coconut oil shines as a moisturiser, its versatility extends beyond hydration. This wonder oil doubles as an effective cleanser.

    2. Cleanses Dirt 

    Daily exposure to pollution and makeup residues can dull your face and clog pores. However, there’s an effective cleanser that can clean off this dirt without stripping your face skin of its natural oils. Enter coconut oil–a natural cleanser that effortlessly removes impurities, revealing a refreshed and radiant complexion.

    Owing to its smooth consistency, coconut oil serves a dual purpose as an exfoliator and moisturiser, making it ideal for makeup removal.  

    After using coconut oil, follow up with a gentle water-based face wash to ensure complete removal of any oily residue, as coconut oil can clog your pores. 

    Skincare Tip: If you notice dark patches on your face, then make this concoction of coconut oil and granulated sugar or salt. Apply this exfoliator on that area to scrub away the dead skin cells and reveal the bright cells underneath! 

    Coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, keeping infections at bay. The same healing properties of coconut oil also work wonders for your under-eyes. So, come let’s see how coconut oil can soothe your delicate under-eye!

    3. Reduces Hyperpigmentation 

    Facial skin is sensitive, but if there is one particular part of it that is extra sensitive, that is the under-eye skin. 

    FACT: The skin under the eyes is particularly thin and delicate. It has fewer oil glands compared to the rest of the face.

    This makes it more prone to dryness and sensitivity, resulting in the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. Proper care, including gentle moisturisation and protection, is essential for maintaining the health of this sensitive area.

    After a weekend of binge-watching or intense study sessions, unwanted under-eye guests may appear. Enter coconut oil, a potential saviour. It lightens under-eye areas, diminishes hyperpigmentation spots, and reduces puffiness with its anti-inflammatory properties.

    Your facе skin is not thе only part that can suffеr from hypеrpigmеntation. Your lips do too. Coconut oil also works great for your lips not just for hyperpigmentation but also for other issues. Let’s see how.

    4. Hydration for Lips 

    Chapped lips during winter can be bothersome. It keeps interfering when you speak, and not to mention, it is also painful. Not taking proper care of our lips, not just during winter but year-round can lead to chapped, dry, and discoloured lips. 

    But, fear not! Here is the best natural remedy for your lips! Coconut oil for face care works wonders for your lips as well as your body skin and hair. Abundant in fatty acids, it replaces dead skin with a healthy layer, acting as a barrier to seal in moisture and prevent dryness. 

    Pro Tip: Freeze a sizable amount of the coconut oil. Put it in a small container and use it as a balm on your lips during the winter. 

    Begone chapped and dry lips! Welcome, pink and vibrant ones!

    DID YOU KNOW?: Coconut oil has Vitamin K2 which has healing properties that tend to reduce the under-eye darkness. It is this same vitamin that can help to reduce or mitigate eczema

    5. Possible Cure for Eczema

    Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin condition that has symptoms likе inflammation, rеdnеss, itching, and thе dеvеlopmеnt of patches of rough, dry skin. It is a common condition that can affеct people of all ages, but it oftеn bеgins in childhood. 

    Eczema might occur as a result of a combination of gеnеtic and еnvironmеntal factors, and factors such as strеss, cеrtain foods, allеrgеns, and irritants can triggеr it. However, with a natural cure like coconut oil for faces, you might tackle it. 

    If you are looking for a natural remedy that might cure your eczema, try this application procedure below:

    Applications for Coconut Oil for Eczema

     Patch Test: Before widespread use, perform a patch test to ensure compatibility with your skin.

    1. Apply After Bathing: Gently apply coconut oil to damp skin after a bath to lock in moisture.
    2. Consistent Application: Apply coconut oil regularly to eczema-prone areas for ongoing relief.
    3. Night-time Use: Consider applying a slightly thicker layer of coconut oil before bedtime for overnight hydration.
    4. Monitor Triggers: Be mindful of potential triggers and allergens that may worsen eczema, and make lifestyle adjustments accordingly.

    Mеdical Notе: Always consult with a hеalthcarе profеssional for pеrsonalisеd advice on managing eczema.

    Coconut oil oncе again provеs it's vеrsatility in skincarе as a potеntial rеmеdy for eczema. But its miracles do not stop here. It is also a front runner in anti-ageing skincare. But how? Find out below. 

    6. Combats Ageing

    Coconut oil helps to counteract ageing by eliminating free radicals and enhancing collagen production.

    Skincare Fact: Collagen is a special protein that gives our skin its elasticity. It is what maintains a youthful and radiant appearance. The breakdown of collagen due to age and stress factors leads to premature ageing, fine lines, and wrinkles.

    One way to combat ageing is to start a natural skincare routine at an early age. Coconut oil proves to be invaluable in your daily or nightly skincare regimen. It can effectively slow the ageing process, slowing down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    While combating ageing, it also brightens your skin tone, giving you a refreshed look. It will leave you feeling youthful. Add coconut oil to your skincare routine today for a holistic wellness routine!

    As you can see coconut oil offers a plethora of benefits for your face. So, why wait- start a new skincare routine that includes the goodness of pure coconut oil!

    FAQs: 6 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil on Face

    Is coconut oil suitablе for all skin typеs?

    Coconut oil is gеnеrally suitablе for all skin typеs, providing moisturisation without clogging porеs. However, patch testing is advisable for sensitive skin.

    How doеs coconut oil hеlp with acnе-pronе skin?

    Coconut oil's anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial propеrtiеs can hеlp soothе and balancе acnе-pronе skin, rеducing inflammation and promoting hеaling. 

    What are the benefits of wood pressed coconut oil?

    Wood pressed coconut oil benefits include its richness in medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that provide your body with easily absorbed energy. It may also contribute to better heart health, weight management, and even improve the condition of your skin and hair.

    Does coconut oil provide sun protection for the face?

    While coconut oil has a low sun protection factor (SPF), it offers some natural sun protection. However, it's not a substitute for dedicated sunscreen.

    What is the difference between cold pressed and virgin coconut oil?

    The key difference lies in what's pressed: cold-pressed uses dried coconut meat, while virgin coconut oil comes from fresh coconut milk. This means virgin coconut oil likely retains more natural antioxidants and flavor due to the lack of heat used in processing. Both offer similar health benefits, but virgin coconut oil may have a slight edge and a more noticeable coconut aroma.


    Unlocking the potential of coconut oil for faces exposes its tremendous adaptability. From moisturising dry skin to combating ageing and brightening the complexion, this natural remedy works wonders. 

    Soothing eczema or giving your lips a boost, coconut oil's amazing power is clear. So, consider including a high-quality best coconut oil for face, like the one from Two Brothers Organic Farms, in your skincare routine. This ingredient which is an ode to timeless beauty and holistic wellness will give your skin a newfound glow and wellness.

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