We are 4th Gen Farmers

Our Farm is a Bio-diverse, Organic ecosystem, certified by ECOCERT and located in the beautiful village of Bhodani in Maharashtra. Our work is inspired by ancient wisdom and sustainability. Every time you buy from us, you help pull back carbon from the atmosphere into the soil, secure rural livelihoods and empower women in our villages.

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A2 Cultured Ghee, Desi Gir Cow
Regular price Rs. 550.00 Sale price from Rs. 499.00
Full Moon Cultured Ghee, Desi Gir Cow
from Rs. 1,999.00
Sugarcane Jaggery Block 900g
Rs. 189.00
Sugarcane Jaggery, Crushed Granular 500g
Rs. 129.00
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Sugarcane Jaggery, Nuggets 500g
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Khapli (Emmer Long Wheat) Atta, Stoneground
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Amlaprash (Limited Edition Chyawanprash)
Regular price Rs. 630.00 Sale price from Rs. 499.00
Moringa Powder, Chemical-Free Lab-Tested 100g
Rs. 225.00
Mango Pulp 500g
Rs. 999.00
Gulkand 300g
Rs. 499.00
Amla Murabba
Rs. 599.00
Imli Pickle 300g
Rs. 499.00



our way of life

Farmers are Professional Problem Solvers!

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Ghee Made from Yoghurt (Curd)

Why should you buy the TBOF Cultured Ghee?

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A philosophy rooted in Interdependence

An ancient system of farming that still thrives in our villages

Don't take our word for it


Pure! Two Brothers product is all things pure - pure love, pure positivity, pure passion, pure taste. From cultivation to consumption. We actually feel grateful and inspired when consuming their product!
positivity, pure passion, pure taste...

Anand S Ahuja

Founder Bhaane / Vegnonveg / Rise Camp


‘One of the Few Ghee Providers that make Ghee from Dahi not Malai’, “Yummy !! Repeat Buy”

Mira Rajput Kapoor



I can eat this amazing ghee plain ...it's delicious

Luke Coutinho

Holistic Nutritionist and an Integrative Medicine and Lifestyle practitioner


INCREDIBLE LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE! This family and farm is truly magical!

Brent Hruska

Seattle USA


Small actions lead to great results ! Kudos to Two Brothers for their dedication towards preserving our environment. We all have a lot to learn from you!


Govt of India


Satyajit Hange and Ajinkya Hange, Two Brothers from Bhadoni, Pune, gave up their banking careers for organic farming and empowered 9000 farmers.

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Mann Ki Baat

The Natural World is our Home!

Our work with the soil and food brings us face to face with the "natural attachment" of things