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  • Farmers dreaming of a better world.

    A healthier, stronger, kinder world...

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  • We work for the Soil.

    Organic - Desi Gir Cow driven Natural farming.

    What Is Organic?
  • We are a certified Organic Farm.

    Certified by ECOCERT

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  • Handcrafted By Farmers.

    Traditionally prepared by our folks at the village.

    Why should you buy from us?

    A Powerful Mix of Traditional Indian spices - prepared with naturally farmed ingredients roasted on firewood

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  • We are at work in Bhodani.

    A small, beautiful village in Maharashtra

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  • Traditional techniques and Ancient wisdom

    Working from our 90 years old 'Waada' and extended production unit in our village...

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  • Farmer Diaries Exclusive - A Special Discount Coupon for our tribe

    Have you checked out the Feb 2020 issue of Farmer Diaries yet?

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  • Artisan Handmade Laddoos with the goodness of our farm-made Shuddh Desi Gir Cow Ghee and 100% Natural Jaggery

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  • A first-of-its-kind Farmers' Outreach Campaign

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  • Why Should You Have Desi Ghee?

    Dr. Digvijay, Ayurvedacharya and Neuro Spine Vaidya explains

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We are the 'Two Brothers'. This is Our Story.

We are humbled that our journey so far and the work we do have been covered on merit by various media houses.

The Better India -

GQ Magazine -

Journeys inspire video -

VOGUE Magazine - Rated No1 Organic brand for curated organic products in India -

Agriculture Information ( Vadamalai Media Group) -

Hindustan Times -

Sakal Times -

The Untold Stories of India -

Zazzpreneurs -

AGROWON (largest circulating agriculture newspaper in India) -


JOSH TALKS - Marathi -

Indian Farmer Entrepreneur

The Movement

We are workers of the soil.

Farmers, in the most truest sense, are craftsmen of health - health of all life on our planet.

We are fortunate to be functioning at the exact center-point of this storyline. With every step that we take as a brand, we vouch our support for this movement towards preserving soil health, reusing-recycling-conserving-harvesting natural resources, to grow food out of sustainable, indigenous food systems and ancient traditional wisdom, to help educate and motivate, to always share and care.

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  • farmers market mumbai, bandra farmers market

    We Sell at Farmers' Markets

    Farm fresh produce first hand and sharing our experience of growing food.

    Catch us @ at Weekend Farmers Markets in Mumbai.

    OrganicWe Farmers Market - Dadar

Come around on Weekends!

Every Saturday - OrganicWe Farmers Market

Mancherji Joshi Hall, Five Gardens, Parsee Colony, Dadar Mumbai. 

4 pm to 7 pm. 

Contact - 8080886856

Every Sunday -  Farmers' Market

D'Monte Park, Bandra, Mumbai. 

9 am to 2 pm

Contact - 9820975797

The Open Cow Shed

The Open Cow Shed

Take a virtual Tour of the cow shed at TBOF with Farmer Satyajit!

Lets see the Cow's

Our Story travels far and wide - The road less taken

An Interview by Soul Guru

An Interview by Soul Guru

Satyajit speaks about our journey so far and why should we choose Organic over other options...

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