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ghee for lips

5 Benefits of Applying Ghee on Lips

5 Benefits of Applying Ghee on Lips That Will Make You Ditch Your Regular Lip Balms. How to Use Ghee For Lip Care- DIY Lip Mask, Lip-Scrub, and Lip-Balm

Winter is here, and so are “chapped lips”!

While you can cover the entire body with clothes to keep it warm, your lips have to face it all on the front. Whether you are eating, talking, drinking water, or merely cleaning up, your lips suffer the most in chilled winters. 

For many, this results in bleeding, cracking, and painful movement. So, how can you take care of your lips? Well, you don’t have to splurge on expensive lip care products anymore; a little dose of organic cow ghee every day might be a solution.

Yes, cow ghee is enough to take care of all your lip problems; be they dry or dark, chapped or cracked; application of ghee on lips will solve them all. 

Okay! Let’s see the benefits of applying ghee on lips first, followed up with a few basic tips on how to use ghee for lips effectively. 

Table of Contents

  • 5 Benefits of Applying Ghee on Lips
  • How to Use Ghee For Lip Care– 3 DIYs You Must Know!
  • FAQs: 5 Benefits of Applying Ghee on Lips That Will Make You Ditch Your Regular Lip Balms
  • Conclusion

Did You Know?

Most lip products contain petroleum jelly, parabens, alumina, cadmium, chromium, artificial colours, fragrances, preservatives, and synthetic wax, which are toxic in nature and might be the reason behind lip darkening, dry lips, and other lip allergies. Therefore, it is crucial to look into the ingredients and opt for a natural base lip balm like ghee and coconut oil. 

Let’s explore how applying ghee on lips will benefit your lips and add to your charm naturally.

5 Benefits of Applying Ghee on Lips

Organic A2 cow ghee is known for its benefits for hair and skin. Its herbal formulations are used to treat various conditions. Still, not much is discussed about the benefits of applying ghee on lips. Here are cow ghee’s 5 benefits, showing how it can bring dry, chapped lips back to life. 

ghee for lips

1. Ghee cures chapped dry lips

Ghee has healthy fatty acids, which have moisturizing properties. When ghee is applied to the lips, it locks the moisture inside and prevents them from drying. The fatty acids also repair the chapped dry skin of the lips and heal them faster. 

Thus, applying ghee doesn’t mask the root cause of chapped lips but cures it.

2. Desi ghee helps lighten pigmentation in lips

Ghee can be easily absorbed by the skin. Ayurveda has been using ghee as a base for its formulations to treat the skin; some of it involves using ghee for skin lightening. The fat-soluble vitamin E and beta-carotene promote skin brightening and reduce pigmentation with regular application.

3. Ghee naturally exfoliates lips

Lips are soft and fragile. Using strong exfoliants might show results instantly, but do more damage over time. Desi ghee is a natural mild exfoliant. A gentle massage with ghee is enough to retain suppleness and remove dead cells from the lips.

4. Ghee makes your lips plumper naturally

A lot of tips and tricks are shared to make lips fuller and plumper. However, nothing can beat desi ghee when it comes to keeping lips plumped. The repair and regenerative properties of ghee promote collagen growth, which keeps the lip skin healthy and fuller. 

5. Ghee heals lip sores, cuts, and cracks 

When it comes to treating lips, you aren’t left with many options. Treating sores, zits and other bacterial infections around the lips becomes a challenge in everyday life. The next time it happens, try applying some ghee to it. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of ghee heal wounds faster and can save you a lot of trouble.

Therefore, using ghee can keep your lips healthy, smooth, and shiny. However, you should know that there are various ways of applying ghee and using it for a particular goal.

No need to hop elsewhere, everything you need is shared in the following section. 

How to Use Ghee For Lip Care– 3 DIYs You Must Know! 

To keep lips healthy, you can apply a lip mask, lip scrub, and lip balm. You might have seen many products in these categories in stores. Many of them have harsh chemicals claiming to show instant results. You have been using them several times a day, carrying them in your pockets and purses to keep your lips healthy. Did they work? 

Nevertheless, you can always try out these natural DIYs using pure organic cow ghee and stay away from chemical-based lip care products.   

1. Ghee and turmeric lip mask

If you are looking for a ‘sasta and tikau’ yet equally effective lip mask, you must try using a ghee and turmeric lip mask at least twice a week. Let’s see how to make your 100% natural DIY lip mask at home.

Take a teaspoon of cow ghee and two pinches of turmeric in a small bowl or on your cleaned palms. Mix it well with fingers or a spoon, and apply it to damp lips. Keep this mask on your lips overnight or for two or three hours and then wipe it off gently using a damp soft cloth.

This DIY helps in getting rid of pigmentation over time and fights any bacterial or fungal infections as well. You can add honey to it if you don’t like the taste of it. But don’t end up eating it; allow it to work its magic. You can also use Turmeric ghee, a herbal ghee, both as a mask and lip balm. 

ghee for lips

2. DIY ghee, honey, and jaggery lip scrub

This is a gentle scrub that is great for those whose skin is sensitive. To make this lip scrub, you have to mix a teaspoon of cow ghee, half a teaspoon of organic honey, and half to one teaspoon of crushed jaggery. You can adjust the quantity of jaggery to your liking. 

After mixing everything, apply it to damp lips, exfoliate them gently with your fingers for two minutes, and leave it to dry out a bit. Then, use a damp cotton cloth to wipe it off gently. 

Remember, don’t eat or lick this delicious lip scrub off your lips. Leave it to get its benefits.

You can use this lip scrub once a week or once in  10 days. Don’t overdo the exfoliating part, as over-exfoliation damages the skin barrier. 

After exfoliating with scrub, apply a lip balm. Yes, the one that is shared below is just what you need.

3. Ghee and rose oil lip balm

This is the simplest DIY lip balm recipe. Still, it is so good that all your lip woes will go away after applying it. Add some organic cow ghee and a few drops of essential rose oil. Give it a good mix. Your DIY lip balm is ready! 

You can make it in small batches and use it until it lasts. The rose oil masks the smell of pure ghee and adds its benefits to it. 

Were these DIYs easy and efficient? Do try them out and let us know.

FAQs: 5 Benefits of Applying Ghee on Lips

Which is the best ghee for lips?

Organic A2 cow ghee is the best ghee for lips. It is rich in A2 protein, butyric acid, squalene, and vitamins A, D, E, and K, making it easy to get absorbed in the skin. It’s also more effective than other ghees due to its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Why use ghee for lips?

Using ghee for lips is an effective way to get soft and healthy lips. It takes care of lips by repairing the skin, keeping them moisturised, and preventing pigmentation. Ghee-based lip care products are a craze these days, so why not use pure desi ghee instead to avail of its benefits? 

What causes lip pigmentation?

The causes of lip pigmentation can be many. A few common ones are excessive use of lipsticks, chemical chapsticks, lip balms, lip gloss, sunburn, exposure to harsh climates and extreme temperatures, dehydration, bad gut or liver health, an improper diet, and no proper lip care routine.  

What is ghee lip balm?

Ghee lip balms are made using ghee as their base. Desi cow ghee is an excellent carrier oil and has been used in many Ayurvedic treatments to treat wounds and heal skin conditions, both topically and orally. That is why simply using good-quality ghee can boost your lips’ health ten times more than your regular lip balms. 


Your lips say a lot about you. They aren’t just a doorway to food but also tell how you care for yourself. So, why wait further to resolve all your lip problems like chapped, dry, cracked, or pigmented lips once and for all? Use ghee! 

Simple pure organic A2 cow ghee to make your lips from cracked to smooth, chapped to plumed again. If you aren’t sure where to find A2 cow ghee, check out Two Brothers Organic Farms cow ghee collection and use it for the DIYs and other ghee benefits.

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