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Benefits of Gulkand for Skin

Discover 6 Secret Benefits of Gulkand for Skin

Unlock the Secrets of Radiant Skin with Gulkand! Discover 6 powerful Benefits of Gulkand for Skin: combat acne, fade dark circles, hydrate & soothe, protect from sun & more! DIY masks, natural sun protection & Ayurvedic wisdom await. Glow from within with Gulkand!

Gulkand- the age-old Indian delicacy made from rose petals, serves as a soothing balm not just for your taste buds but also for your skin. Yes, the same Gulkand that sweetens your dishes, enriches milkshakes, or adds flavour to roti can remarkably improve your skin health.

This Ayurveda-flavoured rose petal delight, which tastes like heaven, stands as a boon for your skin. It functions as an excellent beauty and skincare product, contributing to achieving a radiant complexion.

Over the years, Gulkand has proved to be an outstanding product, offering numerous advantages for your skin and providing a remarkable natural solution for addressing various skin issues and imparting a calming effect.

But wait, there's much more to discover about its benefits. 

Curious about the benefits of Gulkand for skin? We will take a closer look at that shortly, but first, let’s explore its nutritional profile.

Table of Contents

  •  Nutritional Profile of Gulkand
  • 6 Benefits of Gulkand for Skin
  • FAQs: Harness 6 Benefits of Gulkand for Skin for a Rosy Radiance
  • Conclusion

Nutritional Profile of Gulkand

Here are the nutrients that are present in Gulkand [source 1 & source 2]:




72.51 g 


1.34 g 


55.69 g


0.82 g 


303 Kcal

Vitamin C 

0.2 mg 


3.7 mg 


120 mg 


1.2 g 

As you can see, the magic of Gulkand lies in its rich blend of moisture, protein, and carbohydrates, transforming it into a potent Ayurvedic medicine for many health issues. Infused with the goodness of rose petals, it boasts a high content of minerals and vitamins, which contribute to the multiple benefits that Gulkand offers for the skin. 

Benefits of Gulkand for Skin

6 Benefits of Gulkand for Skin 

Let’s see how Gulkand can be a great skincare item. We will discuss exactly how it addresses specific skin issues. 

1. Prevents Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin issues. It can appear when your skin pores suffer from clogging due to dirt and/or oil, leading to inflammation, often on the face, neck, or chest. Acne usually appears when there is an imbalance in your skin environment.  

To combat acne effectively, consider including Gulkand in your diet and skincare routine. Its antibacterial properties work wonders in treating acne. 

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Apply it to your affected area. 
  2. Keep it on for at least 10 minutes. 
  3. Use lukewarm water to remove the paste. 

You will be able to see the change in just a few weeks. Gulkand isn't just an acne solution—it also fights dark circles. Its natural acids and antioxidants help fade dark circles and promote an even skin tone. 

Let’s see how you can get a fresh and lively undereye complexion with this tonic.

2. Fights Dark Circles 

Watching movies late at night, having rough days at work, and having inadequate sleep might result in dark patches over your under-eyes. They make you look tired and haggard and can even ruin your favourite makeup looks. So, what is the natural solution? 

Gulkand emerges as an unexpected saviour. 

Harness the benefits of Gulkand for skin to reduce dark circles. Its cooling properties and antioxidants may soothe the delicate skin, promoting circulation and helping alleviate dark circles for a refreshed appearance.

Follow these steps to harness its qualities: 

  • Mix a spoonful of Gulkand in cold water. 
  • Dip two cotton balls in the mixture for a few seconds. 
  • Place them below your eyes. 
  • Repeat this daily for at least 10 minutes before sleeping at night to get the desired results. 

Other than dark circles, this rose petal extract also helps your skin in other ways. 

Do you know that Gulkand can protect your skin against UV rays-find out how below?

3. Protects Your Skin from UV Rays

Regular exposure to harmful sunlight can lead to significant harm to your skin. When you venture outdoors daily in daylight, it's challenging to avoid the relentless assault of harsh UV rays on your delicate skin. This is where our next one from the list of benefits of Gulkand for skin comes into play.

Safeguard your skin from the sun's impact by utilising Gulkand, rich in Vitamin C. Prepare a protective paste by combining Gulkand with cucumber juice and glycerin. 

The anti-inflammatory compounds in Gulkand may calm skin sensitivity, promoting a refreshed and revitalised complexion. Regular application may balance your skin tone and soothe sunburns.

Apply this paste to your face and neck before heading out in the sun. Over time, you will notice positive changes in the condition of your skin as a result of consistently using this paste on your face and neck. 

4. Soothes and Tone Your Skin

Gulkand offers dual benefits by protecting against harmful UV rays and soothing the skin. Its skin-toning properties restore even skin tone, making it an ideal addition to a brightening skincare routine. 

Creating a Gulkand paste helps maintain the skin's pH balance, which you can mix with water or toner for a daily face spray. Such benefits of Gulkand for skin allow you to use it as a detoxifying spray that unclogs and tightens pores, with noticeable results within weeks. 

Beyond its detoxifying role, Gulkand serves as a potent moisturiser, effectively addressing dry skin issues. In addition to its skincare benefits, Gulkand's cooling properties provide relief from ailments caused by excess body heat, including fatigue, lethargy, itching, aches, and pains. 

Regularly incorporating Gulkand into one's diet and skincare acts as a preventive measure against sunburns. Not just that, you can also use it as a moisturiser.

5. Moisturises Your Skin 

Another common skin concern that many people face, particularly during the winter, is dry skin. This condition can lead to cracks and leave your lips chapped, causing an uncomfortable sensation and, in extreme cases, bleeding. 

So, you should take extra care of your skin in extreme weather. What your pores and skin need is a good moisturiser that not only restores moisture but also traps it. 

Gulkand can be an exceedingly powerful herbal moisturiser for your dry skin. Enriched with natural oils, it deeply moisturizes while reducing excess oil buildup. 

Pro Tip: To maximise the moisturising benefits of Gulkand for skin issues, blend it with a moisturiser and rose water. Apply this mixture daily to enhance skin hydration.

As you harness the sweet essence of Gulkand as a moisturiser do not forget that it is also a natural hydrator. So, let’s find out how you can unlock a world of nourishment for your skin.

6. Hydrates Your Skin

Prolonged exposure to harmful sun rays can lead to unsightly tanning and parched skin. This darkened complexion might affect your confidence, deterring you from enjoying outdoor activities. 

Embrace Gulkand as a natural solution to combat further tanning and to help detan your skin. 

Customizable DIY Face Masks

Create a revitalising paste using Gulkand, brown sugar, lemon juice, and a touch of honey. Apply this concoction to your face and neck, gently scrubbing away dead skin cells. 

Elevate your skincare routine by incorporating the benefits of Gulkand for skin into homemade face masks. Blend it with skin-friendly ingredients such as honey, yoghurt, or aloe vera. 

DID YOU KNOW?: Homemade masks allow you to combat swelling. Gulkand has Vitamin C which is a well-known antioxidant that can reduce swelling by “soothing” your skin and removing toxins. However, this information may require further research.

Benefits of Gulkand for Skin

FAQs: Discover 6 Secret Benefits of Gulkand for Skin

Can Gulkand be applied directly to the skin?

You can apply Gulkand directly to the skin. Its cooling properties may reduce inflammation and irritation. However, you must do a patch test to prevent adverse reactions.

How long does it take to see results after regular Gulkand consumption?

Visible skin improvement from regular Gulkand consumption varies; noticeable changes may occur over weeks to months, depending on individual factors like diet and lifestyle.

Are there any specific skin conditions that Gulkand can address?

Gulkand, rich in antioxidants, acts as a potent anti-inflammatory food, making it effective for conditions like acne and inflammation. However, individual responses may vary.

Is Gulkand suitable for all skin types?

Generally, Gulkand is suitable for all skin types due to its natural and cooling nature. However, those with specific allergies or sensitivities should exercise caution and consult a dermatologist.


Gulkand proves itself to be a versatile elixir for your skin, offering a bouquet of benefits that extend beyond its delectable taste. Packed with essential nutrients, it proves to be a formidable ally against common skin concerns. 

From combating acne with its antibacterial prowess to soothing skin, the benefits of Gulkand for skin keep shining. So it is time for you to embrace this time-honoured remedy for a rosy radiance with Two Brothers Organic Farms.

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