Organic Gulkand
Organic Gulkand
Organic Gulkand
Organic Gulkand


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Gulkand is made using Chaitri Gulab, native pinkish roses sourced directly from Haldi Ghati in Rajasthan. Sweetened using Misri (Dhaagewali) and Raw Honey.


A rose petal preserve, sunbaked for over a month in earthen pots, as per the Ayurvedic ancient texts. The roses are of the ‘Chaitri’ variety, that grow only during the Chaitra month (as per the Hindu Calendar) of the year; and sourced directly from Haldi Ghati - a mountain pass in the Aravali range, Rajasthan. Sun-cooking ensures that the flavors develop and get concentrated gradually over time. It also helps preserve the natural therapeutic properties of the rose petals since these petals are extremely sensitive to heat. 


Chaitri Rose Petals, Gulab Ark, Fennel Powder, Cardamom Powder, Misri and Raw Honey.

Benefits of Gulkand 

Natural cooling properties

Effective against acid reflux and Constipation

Gulkand Helps prevent Gastritis and aids digestion

Relief from prickly heat and Summer rashes

Gulkand May help women suffering from painful periods 

Gulkand Improves Skin complexion and health due to blood purifying properties 

Usage info of Gulkand 

Can be had like a jam, or can be used as a natural sweetener for milk based drinks like thandaai, milkshakes, lassi, badaam milk, rose milk etc. Can also be used in cheesecakes, to make kulfi or ice cream, custard, puddings etc

Specific storage info for Gulkand 

Store Gulkand  in a cool dry place. 


No Additives, Binders, Fillers and Preservatives 

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