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Groundnut Oil Vs Sunflower Oil - Which One Is Healthier ?

Groundnut Oil Vs Sunflower Oil - Which One Is Healthier ?

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Gone are the days when people used the pantry items that were readily available at the grocery store. The era of multiple alley superstores has replaced Kirana/ Parchoon ki dukaan. Consumers now read the fine print to buy the best product. But, that’s not enough! 

For instance, in the category of edible oils alone, there are more than 50 varieties with different ingredients from different companies, each claiming to be superior. 

Selection of edible oils should only be based on the facts and the diet requirements of the consumer. This article sheds light  and compares the two most sought-after edible oils, “Groundnut oil and sunflower oil”.

In Indian cuisine, each ingredient of a recipe has a role to play. In Indian cuisine , oils are not just mere mediums for frying or stir-frying vegetables , but they are used to impart flavour and richness to the dish, to create a wholesome experience of deliciousness and good health.

In just a few minutes, you will gain knowledge about the nutritional profile of groundnut and sunflower oil, difference between sunflower oil and groundnut oil,  their health benefits and which oil will be the best fit for you or your family! 

Let’s explore each of the factors one by one.


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Table of Contents

  • Nutritional Value: Groundnut Oil vs Sunflower Oil

  • Benefits: Groundnut Oil vs Sunflower Oil

  • Cooking: Groundnut Oil vs Sunflower Oil

  • Varieties: Groundnut Oil vs Sunflower Oil

  • Usage: Groundnut Oil vs Sunflower Oil

  • FAQs

  • Conclusion


Nutritional Value: Groundnut Oil vs Sunflower Oil

Groundnut or peanut oil is a good source of Vit E, antioxidants, phytosterols, and Poly and monounsaturated fatty acids. It also has some saturated fatty acids or healthy fats too! 

What sets groundnut oil apart is its better ratio of linoleic and oleic acid. The presence of omega-6 fatty acids is an add-on to its nutritional value. Groundnut oil has zero cholesterol, carbs and trans fat.

Moving on to sunflower oil, it has a similar nutrition profile to groundnut oil. It is also cholesterol and trans-fat-free. The presence of saturated fatty acids, mono, and polyunsaturated fatty acids makes them identical. However, they have varied amounts of these essential fatty acids.

Take a look at the chart below, which compares the fatty acid proportions in 1 tbsp of both oils. It is quite clear that groundnut oil has a better ratio of polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, and saturated fatty acids.

1 Tablespoon of Groundnut Oil

1 Tablespoon of Sunflower Oil


119 kilo-calorie


123.76-kilo calorie

Total Saturated Fatty Acids

2.3 g

Total Monounsaturated Fatty Acids

6.2 g

Total Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

4.3 g

Total Saturated Fatty Acids 

1.36 g

Total Monounsaturated Fatty Acids

11.7 g

Total Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

0.53 g

Let’s move on to the health benefits of consuming both oils.

Benefits: Groundnut Oil vs Sunflower Oil

Both oils offer a multitude of benefits, promoting heart health, lowering blood sugar levels, reducing high blood pressure, and lowering cholesterol levels in the blood. They help in improving brain health, preventing cancer, and reducing the chances of Alzheimer’s.

In addition, wood-pressed or cold-pressed Groundnut oil also has therapeutic effects and has been known to relax muscles, ease joint pains, and improve bone health.

Thanks to its antioxidants, it also helps in maintaining healthy skin and hair. Groundnut oil has been used in various cosmetic oils and creams due to its moisturising and repairing properties.

The above properties of groundnut oil make it an overall wellness product and give it an edge.

Cooking: Groundnut Oil vs Sunflower Oil

Wood Pressed groundnut oil has a sweet and nutty flavour with a faint organic smell. It has a high smoke point. It is versatile to cook with and can be used in any type of cuisine. It makes the food not just nutritious, but more flavorful. 

On the other hand, Sunflower oil has a light yellow colour and is flavourless. With its high smoke point, it serves as an excellent option for cooking diverse cuisines without imparting any additional taste to the dishes.

Varieties: Groundnut Oil vs Sunflower Oil

Groundnut and sunflower oils are both available in the form of wood-pressed and refined oils. There are also a variety of seed types that can be differentiated as high oleic acid, high linoleic, and mid oleic acid seeds. 

A superior quality sunflower or groundnut seed will yield superior quality oil. Unfortunately, the type of seed used is not mentioned on the packaging, and the majority of oil is made through the refining process.

The refining process gives a higher yield of oil than wood-pressed oil but degrades the oil quality. The groundnut oil made using a refined extraction process loses phytosterols and other phytochemicals. The same goes for the refined Sunflower oil.

On the other hand, wood-pressed groundnut oil and sunflower oil have the best nutritional value and taste.

Usage: Groundnut Oil vs Sunflower Oil

Both groundnut oil and sunflower oil are used in all types of cooking, including deep frying, sauteing, baking, and shallow frying etc. 

Groundnut oil is preferred to cook Chinese, Indian, Korean, and Mexican cuisines. They enhance their flavour and make food delightful

Sunflower oil is usually used in recipes that don’t require any flavour from oil.

FAQ: Groundnut Oil vs Sunflower Oil

Can I use sunflower oil instead of groundnut oil?

Yes, you can use sunflower oil instead of groundnut oil or vice versa. It’s a good practice to include various oils in cooking to get their benefits. Overuse of any one substance will do more harm than good. 

Which oil is good for health sunflower or groundnut?

Wood-pressed groundnut oil is a healthier oil. It has an abundance of Polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, and good fats with Vit E and phytosterol and antioxidants. 

It has several health benefits: it reduces the chances of breast, colon cancer, and heart attack, lowers cholesterol and reduces blood pressure, improves brain health, etc are some of them.

What oil is healthier than sunflower oil?

Sunflower oil has many competitors offering the same and more health benefits and nutrition. For instance, ghee, or clarified butter, is the mother of all oils, then we have coconut oil, groundnut oil, safflower oil, olive oil, and more. 

Can we use groundnut oil for daily cooking?

Yes, you can use groundnut oil in your daily cooking, but in moderation. An excess of anything is harmful, right? So, include different oils to cook different meals. Divide the use of oil based on the recipe, and in this way, you can have the benefits of multiple oils.

What is the amount of cholesterol in Groundnut oil?

Like other plant-based oils, peanut oil is cholesterol-free.

What is the Ground nut oil price?

Depending on the brand, quality, and location, the price of groundnut oil might vary greatly. To find the most recent costs, it is a good idea to visit local shops or internet retailers.

What is filtered Groundnut oil and What are the calories in Groundnut oil?

Groundnut oil that has undergone filtration to eliminate contaminants and particles is referred to as "filtered groundnut oil." As a result, the oil becomes clearer and has a longer shelf life. Groundnut oil contains a lot of calories, just like other types of cooking oils. Approximately 120 calories (14 grams) are present per tablespoon. 


So, what’s your opinion on “Groundnut Oil Vs Sunflower Oil - Which One Is Healthier?” 

Both oils have the same nutritional profile, but wood-pressed groundnut oil has a better ratio of essential fatty acids than sunflower oil. Groundnut oil also adds flavour to dishes, while sunflower oil blends in perfectly without being noticed. They have similar health benefits and are ideal for high-heat cooking.

Having said that, it is crucial to choose an oil made through cold pressing and good-quality seeds. Trust me, it makes all the difference! And, if you're not quite sure where to find one, why not take a peek at our amazing TwoBrothers store

We've got a fantastic selection of natural, organic wood-pressed and cold-pressed oils waiting just for you. Get your hands on the wood-pressed groundnut oil now!

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