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Is Jaggery Good for Weight Loss: A Quick Guide 2023

Is Jaggery Good for Weight Loss: A Quick Guide 2023

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In our pursuit of looking good and being fit, weight has become a significant concern for many.

It's not just about appearances anymore; it's also about staying healthy. There are numerous studies that show that increasing body weight causes many chronic health issues.

If you are someone who's watching their weight, you must be avoiding white sugar and looking for better low-calorie sweeteners. 

Though there are a number of artificial sweeteners available in the market, let me tell you that there’s a natural sweetener that can help you lose weight while providing you with other health benefits: jaggery! 

Yes, you heard it right.

If you are not aware of this magical ingredient, then now is the time to read this article, as we will share how jaggery is good for weight loss.

But before jumping into how jaggery helps you lose weight, you need to know what jaggery is. So let’s find out.

  • Jaggery: An overview
  • Types of Jaggery: Exploring 6 Delightful Varieties
  • 5  Amazing Benefits of Jaggery for Weight Loss
  • How to Use Jaggery in Your Diet for Weight Loss
  • FAQs: Is Jaggery Good for Weight Loss

Jaggery: An Overview


The traditional Indian sweetener, jaggery, is made by concentrating fluids from Palm or Sugarcane trees. Its sweet, delectable flavour makes it a fantastic addition to desserts and baked goods as a substitute for sugar.

This extraordinary sweetener is not confined to India alone but has gained popularity across the globe and is known by various names in different countries, like Brazil. Within India itself, it enjoys widespread fame, particularly in the Eastern and Southern regions.

What makes jaggery even more fascinating is the diversity it offers, owing to its various plant sources. Allow us to take you on a journey to explore the different types of jaggery available worldwide.

Types of Jaggery: Exploring 6 Delightful Varieties 


Discover the diverse and delightful world of jaggery, each type derived from a unique plant source.

  1. Date Palm Jaggery- Sweet sap from Date Palm.
  2. Sugarcane Jaggery- Extracted from Sugarcane juice.
  3. Coconut Jaggery- Derived from Coconut sap.
  4. Marayoor Jaggery- Made from Sugarcane of Kerala.
  5. Palmyra Jaggery- Tapped from Palm sap ‘Neera’.
  6. Toddy Palm Jaggery- Harvested from the sap of Toddy Palm.

With such a diverse range of jaggery options available, you can choose the one that best suits your palate.

Now you are wondering, “But how is jaggery good for weight loss? 

Before getting to the benefits of weight loss from jaggery, we need to look at the nutritional richness that jaggery provides. 

Take a look at the table below :


In per 100 gm 


98.0 gm


0.1 gm


0.4 gm


80.0 mg


5.4 mg


160 mg


40.0 mg


140 mg


30.0 mg

Vitamin B6 

0.4 mg



Pantothenic Acid 

1.0 mg

After knowing the nutrients, you may get a little idea of how jaggery is good for weight loss and thus can be beneficial to your health. 

To learn more about jaggery, let's look at some of its benefits. 

Are you ready to be amazed? 

If yes, then brace yourself and learn the unbelievable benefits that prove jaggery is good for weight loss.

5 Amazing Benefits of Jaggery for Weight Loss

If you're on a weight-loss journey or seeking to improve your overall well-being, incorporating jaggery into your diet could be a game-changer.

Let's explore five remarkable ways in which this potassium-rich superfood supports weight loss and promotes a healthier you:

  • Boosts Metabolism

  • Potassium-rich jaggery is known to increase metabolism and aid in weight loss. It helps in the energy conversion of carbs, which is necessary for calorie burning.

    With a faster metabolism, your body becomes more efficient at burning calories, paving the way for quicker weight loss.

  • Improves Digestion

  • Jaggery aids in bowel movement stimulation and acts as a natural laxative, which can enhance digestion and ward off constipation.

    Jaggery can aid in preventing constipation and poor digestion, which can both contribute to weight gain.

  • Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

  • Unlike refined sugar, jaggery is good for weight loss because it has a lower glycemic index. 

    This prevents sudden spikes in blood sugar levels and, in turn, reduces the risk of insulin resistance, a common cause of weight gain and obesity.

  • Reduces Water Retention

  • Jaggery contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals that help prevent water retention, thus encouraging healthy weight loss.

    You must include it in your weight loss diet to get this benefit from jaggery.

  • Supports Detoxification

  • Jaggery is a potent cleansing superfood that purges the body's toxic and undesired poisons while also cleaning the liver. Additionally, it increases the overall amount of haemoglobin and detoxifies the blood.

    How to Use Jaggery in Your Diet for Weight Loss

    Now that we know how jaggery is good for weight loss and the various ways it benefits our body, let's explore how we can use it in our diet.

  • Use jaggery as a sweetener 
  • Jaggery is an excellent substitute for refined sugar. It can be used to sweeten milk, tea, coffee, and other drinks. In addition to adding sweetness, it also offers a number of nutrients. 

    Jaggery is healthier than refined sugar, but it's still crucial to keep in mind that it contains calories. So, only consume a small portion of it.

  • Combine jaggery with nuts.

  • Jaggery can be added to roasted nuts like cashews, almonds, peanuts, or chana (chickpeas) to create a tasty and nutritious snack.

  • Add jaggery to your breakfast.

  • Breakfast smoothies, pancakes, and porridge can all be made with jaggery. It will not only give your breakfast a naturally sweet flavour, but it will also make it healthier.

    By adding jaggery to your breakfast, you can stay satisfied for longer and avoid overeating the rest of the day.

  • Use jaggery in your cooking

  • You can add jaggery to many recipes to give them a distinctively sweet flavour. You can use it in various savoury recipes, snacks, and even desserts. 

    It is used to create jaggery-based treats like laddoos, chikkis, and sweets, which are excellent for satisfying your sweet tooth.


    FAQs: Is Jaggery Good for Weight Loss?

    How is jaggery different from sugar?

    Unrefined jaggery has more nutrients than sugar and is less processed. It is a better alternative to sugar because it releases energy gradually and has a lower glycemic index.

    What are the other benefits of jaggery?

    Iron, potassium, and antioxidants are all abundant in jaggery. It can help with digestion, immunity, and preventing constipation.

    Is jaggery better than honey for weight loss?

    Both honey and jaggery are healthy sweets that can help you lose weight. Jaggery, on the other hand, is a superior choice for controlling blood sugar levels since it has a lower glycemic index.

    How much jaggery should I consume in a day?

    Since jaggery still contains calories, it is advised to limit daily intake to 10 grams or less.

    Can jaggery be used for cooking?

    Jaggery can be used in cooking and added to sauces, marinades, and curries to give them a sweet flavour.

    Is Jaggery tea good for weight loss?

    Jaggery tea is a favorite among certain individuals, but it's crucial to watch out for added sugars in other drinks. If a lot of jaggery is used, the tea might have a lot of calories. Herbal tea or unsweetened tea might be a better option for people trying to lose weight.

    Which Jaggery is good for weight loss?

    Understanding that all varieties of jaggery, whether produced from sugarcane or date palm, have a similar calorie and sugar content is crucial when thinking about weight loss. There isn't one kind of jaggery in particular that is "good" for losing weight.

    What are the calories in Jaggery and vitamins in Jaggery?

    Jaggery has a lot of calories. 100 grams of it have about 350 calories in them. If ingested in significant quantities, the high calorie content can cause weight gain. Jaggery is a source of a number of nutrients, including trace levels of iron, calcium, and a few B vitamins.

    What are the benefits of eating jaggery powder?

    Jaggery has several possible health advantages when ingested in moderation, even though it may not be the best choice for weight loss. Jaggery is regarded by some as having digestive and constipation-relieving properties. Jaggery boosts energy because it contains sugar, which is a rapid source of energy. Jaggery is a crucial ingredient in many traditional sweets and cuisines across many countries, which has important cultural and culinary significance.


    In conclusion, jaggery emerges as a highly beneficial aid for weight loss, supported by its longstanding use in South Asia and its status as a staple in Indian homes.

    You can use jaggery as a natural sweetener in almost everything where you add sugar. 

    Replace the sugar in all your desserts, vegetables, dals, or anything else with jaggery to take better care of your health. In this way, you can enhance your efforts towards a healthier lifestyle.

    With fewer calories than sugar, jaggery proves to be an excellent alternative if you are seeking to shed weight. To fully capitalise on its advantages, opting for organic jaggery devoid of chemicals is recommended.

    For your source of premium organic jaggery products, look no further than Two Brothers, ensuring you attain the utmost benefits in your journey towards improved health.


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