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What to eat during periods

What to Eat During Periods ? 4 Best Foods for Comfort

Discover effective foods for period relief. Learn what to eat during periods and avoid a smoother menstrual experience.
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Some go crazy for rich, melt-in-your-mouth chocolates, others find solace in ice cream, and others, in the warm hug of noodles. The truth is, during our periods, our bodies crave every comfort food out there to make us feel a little better.

What you eat can be a secret weapon or ally for your periods. While some foods can boost your mood, others can increase the pain up a notch.

In this blog, we’re spilling the beans on what to eat during periods that can turn your period from a hassle to, dare we say it, not so bad after all. Think of it as your guide to making those days a bit smoother and maybe even a little enjoyable.

Oh, and we’re not stopping there. We’re also giving you the lowdown on 5 things you should steer clear of during your period. So, let’s dive in - no jumping required!

What to Eat During Periods? Top 4 Comfort Foods

From dark chocolate to ‘kesar’, we’ve mentioned a few foods and reasons to help ease your journey while menstruating. Have a quick look:

1. ‘Kesar’ or Saffron Water

Saffron, or as we commonly know it, "Kesar," is quite a fascinating spice. Each delicate Crocus sativus flower, the source of saffron, only offers up three tiny stigma strands. It's like nature's treasure hunt for those vibrant, crimson threads!

What to eat during periods

Mood Regulation: Saffron isn't just for cooking; it can also ease mood swings, anxiety, and irritability during periods. This is mainly due to its effects on neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine), which play a crucial role in regulating moods and mental well-being.

Pain Relief: Saffron contains safranal compound, which has anti-inflammatory properties and has been associated with the alleviation of mood disorders. It may therefore help reduce a stressed mood and promote calmness and relaxation. 

Neurogenesis: This is the process of generating new neurons and maintaining cognitive function and emotional well-being. Studies suggest saffron might enhance neurogenesis in certain regions of the brain regulating mood (hippocampus).

Fun Fact: Did you know that it takes around 75,000 saffron blossoms to produce just one pound of saffron threads? That's a whole lot of flowers for such a small amount of spice! No wonder saffron is so precious and often referred to as "red gold."

The next spice is surely tucked away safely in your kitchen cabinet, and might be the perfect answer to today's question - what to eat during periods! learn how this yellow powder is important.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric, the golden spice commonly found in kitchens around the world, holds a remarkable secret within its vibrant hue. At the heart of its potency lies curcumin, a powerful compound with a myriad of health benefits.

What to eat during periods

Relaxes Body: It contains a compound called curcumin, which exhibits potent anti-inflammatory properties. Menstrual cramps are often caused by inflammation in the uterus, and our yellow powder can help reduce this effect.

Hormonal Balance: Imbalances in hormone levels, particularly estrogen and progesterone, can contribute to symptoms such as mood swings, bloating, and fatigue. Curcumin is known to modulate hormone levels, thereby toning down these symptoms and promoting emotional well-being.

Improves Bloodflow: This commonly used cooking spice may help reduce the duration, and intensity of periods and regulate blood flow during menstruation. Some studies hint that spicy food might help with blood flow and curb heavy bleeding like in menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding). Some studies suggest that it can improve blood circulation and prevent excessive bleeding, which is common in conditions such as menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding).

If you’re still not satisfied and are still wondering ‘what to eat during periods?’ You’d be surprised to know how certain nuts possess surprising properties that can also aid with periods next!

3. Nuts

Nuts are like tiny nutrient bombs! They're not just tasty snacks; they're packed with goodness. From heart-healthy fats to protein and fibre, they're nature's superstars!

What to eat during periods

Magnesium: Almonds, cashews, and walnuts are excellent sources of this essential mineral known to relax muscles and relieve cramps. It potentially controls uterine contractions, thereby helping to alleviate discomfort.

Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant, this nutrient helps reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. Additionally, it may alleviate premenstrual syndromes (PMS) like breast tenderness and mood wings.

Fibre Content: We all know how uncomfortable constipation can be during periods, and let’s face it—it isn’t pretty dealing with it alongside cramps. Nuts are rich in protein and fibre, promoting healthy bowel movements and digestion. Not only this, but they can also alleviate gastrointestinal troubles - talk about being productive!

Do you crave chocolates during those days? Turns out there’s a reason behind it, dark chocolate is good for women on periods, find out how next!

Fact Check: While we’re discussing what to eat during periods, let’s discuss why you crave specific foods during your periods. Well, it’s because hormones like estrogen and progesterone affect your brain chemicals. Therefore, you crave foods for mood and comfort.

What Not to Eat During Periods ? 2 Foods to Avoid

Although you might crave a few things during your menstrual cycle, not all of them will be good cravings. We get it, sometimes the heart wants what it wants, but some of them can worsen your time and cramps.

Check out how coffee and spicy food affect your cramps and mood below:

1. Coffee

Ever noticed that during your period, coffee suddenly becomes your best buddy? Well, turns out, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Craving that java might amp up your bloating and crankiness, making those days a bit tougher.

Increased Irritability: This commonly savoured drink contains caffeine, a stimulant that can exacerbate irritability and mood swings, which are already common symptoms experienced during menstruation. Consuming it may therefore amplify these negative mood effects for you.

Worsened Cramps: Caffeine is known to constrict blood vessels and increase blood pressure, which can make your cramps painful. During menstruation, the uterus already experiences contractions and heightened blood pressure caused by caffeine consumption may intensify these cramps.

Disrupted Sleep: While on your periods, you’re already half awake to make sure there’s no mess on the bed sheet, and caffeine is a known stimulant that can interfere with sleep quality and duration. Therefore, it may cause hormonal fluctuations, thus disrupting sleep patterns for some women.

Here's a handy period pain relief tip: Try applying a warm compress or heating pad to your lower abdomen! Heat can help relax cramped muscles and alleviate menstrual discomfort. Plus, it's a cosy way to soothe those pesky cramps without reaching for medication. So, cosy up with a warm compress and bid farewell to period woes!

We know how at times you crave the spicest noodles, or Indian food during menstruation. But the thing is, it can be the worst thing you eat these days, read why in the next section.

2. Spicy Food

Ah, spicy food during your period—it's like a love-hate relationship, isn't it? Sure, it brings that fiery kick, but it might just add fuel to the fire with bloating and tummy troubles.

Increased Sensitivity: Your body's sensitivity to certain sensations, including taste and smell, maybe heightened while on periods. If you consume food made with a lot of spices, it can exacerbate this sensitivity, causing discomfort or even pain when consumed.

Gastrointestinal Distress: They can irritate the digestive tract and exacerbate stomach issues commonly experienced during periods. Issues such as bloating, cramping, and diarrhoea can further worsen causing discomfort and pain.

Acid Reflux: The food that often looks on ‘fire’ can metaphorically set your heart on fire too. Spicy foods can trigger heartburn, especially when combined with hormonal fluctuations in women menstruating. This can result in a burning sensation in the chest and throat, making you feel even more uncomfortable.

FAQs: What to Eat During Periods ? 4 Best Foods for Comfort

Why do I crave chocolates during periods?

The hormonal levels especially serotonin and dopamine that are characteristics of chocolate cravings during periods could cause imbalances. The possibility that chocolate can improve the mood by inducing feelings of happiness and balancing the hormonal levels, even if only temporarily, remains hypothetical.

Can chamomile tea help during periods?

Cramps and anxiety are the main symptoms of menstrual periods but Chamomile tea demonstrates anti-inflammatory and relaxant properties, which decrease discomfort and bring relief to the individuals.

What flour to eat during periods?

Khapli flour, which has a high amount of fibre, could help to reduce constipation during the cycle time because it brings regular bowel movements as well as eases digestive discomfort, thus helping the comfort of the person.

Does alcohol worsen period pain?

Drinking alcohol can intensify the period pain through also increasing inflammation and dehydration which will result in worse cramps and other pains. If the intake of the middle is limited during menstruation, it will help to ease symptoms. It would be better to limit alcohol consumption during menstruation.

How to reduce bloating during periods?

To get rid of bloating during the periods drink a lot of water, have a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, decrease the amount of salt, do some light exercise, and sip some ginger or peppermint tea is the key.

Wrapping Things Up

So, when it comes to navigating those pesky menstrual discomforts, what to eat during periods, becomes an important question. It's all about embracing those nutrient-packed goodies like saffron-enriched water, turmeric, nuts, and dark chocolate.

And hey, let's not forget about what to skip during that time. Steering clear of coffee and spicy foods might just help kick those discomforts to the curb, along with those mood swings that tend to tag along for the ride.

Now, when it comes to where to get these goodies, look no further than Two Brothers Organic Farms. We’ve got your back with a wide array of organic, pesticide-free, top-notch foods that'll have you feeling like a million bucks.

So, give your body the TLC it deserves with these mindful food choices! Because let's face it, when it comes to that time of the month, a little self-care goes a long way. Take care and take a deep breath, you’re gonna get through the cramps, sending warm hugs and comfort organic food!

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