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A Tangy Twist to Pregnancy: The Benefits of Eating Pickles During Pregnancy

A Tangy Twist to Pregnancy: The Benefits of Eating Pickles During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a remarkable journey marked by numerous changes, both physical and emotional, in a woman's life. With pregnancy come the pregnancy cravings.

It's a time when one's dietary choices become particularly important. 

Many pregnant women develop a specific palette during their pregnancy. Some cannot stand the smell of certain food. While others crave very specific dishes. For many, it might be a spicy or tangy flavour! What common item in every household offers these two flavours?- Pickles! Additionally, the familiar clinking of glass jars and the anticipation of a homemade pickle are all reminiscent of cherished moments from your life.

Whether it's the Haldi Root Lemon Pickle that tingles your taste buds or the Spicy Green Chilli that sets your senses ablaze, they offer more than just the tanginess. This khatta meetha taste aids digestion, boosts immunity, and even helps alleviate morning sickness. For pregnant women in India, they are a tantalising choice that bridges a gap between taste and health.

As we embark on this flavourful journey, it's essential to understand that Indian cuisine, with its vibrant palette, offers unique options for expectant mothers. Here in India, where every spice tells a story and every meal is a celebration, the inclusion of pickles during pregnancy is a topic of both cultural and nutritional significance.

We will uncover the nutritional value of pickles, the potential benefits they offer pregnant women and their safety considerations. Join us as we dive deeper into the world of pickles, discovering how this tangy tradition can enrich the journey of expecting mothers in India.

Table of Contents

  • Nutritional Value of Pickles 
  • 4 Benefits of Eating Pickles During Pregnancy
  • Precautions To Be Taken While Eating Pickles During Pregnancy
  • Organic Pickles Made from Nature’s Best
  • Pregnancy Cravings and Role Of Pickles
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

Nutritional Value of Pickles

Are you wondering if eating pickles during pregnancy is good or bad? Pickles are rich in nutrients like vitamins and minerals that are essential for fetal development. 

  • They are rich in Vitamin K.It helps the bodies of pregnant women to synthesise blood-clotting proteins that prevent excessive bleeding during delivery. Also, pickles have folate that prevents congenital disabilities like neural tube defects.

  • Low in calories and fat content, pickles are a healthy snack option for expecting mothers. Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal. Having pickles during pregnancy can help expectant mothers keep their weight in check. Also, as a good source of fiber, it regulates digestion and prevents constipation, a common problem during pregnancy.
  • Remember to consume pickles in moderation as they have a high sodium content. Excessive sodium can cause increased blood pressure- a risk for both the mother and baby!

    So, choose low-sodium pickles to keep the sodium content in the body in check. 
  • Pickles contain very little cholesterol and are very low in protein and fat. However, they are a good source of iron and sodium. Pickles during pregnancy may also provide some calcium, dietary fiber, and vitamin C 
  • Pickles, packed with nutrients, provide some targeted benefits to women during their pregnancy. So, how do pickles benefit the health of pregnant women? Let’s see.

4 Benefits of Eating Pickles During Pregnancy

Alleviate Nausea During Pregnancy

Apart from the fact being pregnant means craving sour food, another one is that pickles combat morning sickness. A lot of pregnant women experience morning sickness or pregnancy nausea. Consuming pickles might alleviate such symptoms. 

But how?

Pickles have acids that can help neutralise excess stomach acids that cause nausea. Such benefits of pickles during pregnancy can keep digestive issues during pregnancy under check.

Note: Not every pregnant woman can have this benefit from pickles. 

Maintain Electrolyte Balance 

Electrolytes, vital for muscle and nerve functions, become even more crucial during pregnancy. Pickles, rich in sodium and potassium, help maintain electrolyte balance, preventing muscle cramps, dehydration, and fatigue. 

Moreover, pickles boast probiotics, promoting a healthy gut microbiome. This is pivotal during pregnancy, reducing risks like gestational diabetes and preterm labour. Pickles aren't just a tasty snack; they offer expectant mothers significant health advantages.

Keep Blood Sugar Level in Check (Pregnant Women with Gestational Diabetes) 

Eating pickles during pregnancy is completely safe. Pregnant women experiencing gestational diabetes can consume pickles. It will help control their blood sugar. Pickles have trace amounts of acetic acid, which helps slow down the process of carbohydrate breakdown. 

Its low glycemic index supports blood sugar control and also lowers cholesterol. You also get a healthy dose of probiotics from pickles that improve gut health and digestion, which is extremely crucial during pregnancy.

It is what regulates blood sugar levels. However, it is still best to consult your healthcare professional before consuming pickles. 

Boosts Immunity

Indulging in freshly prepared pickles crafted from a diverse array of fruits and vegetables, including amla, can provide essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, and potassium to the body.

With all such benefits, it is still best to take precautions while eating pickles. Know some of the downsides of consuming pickles during pregnancy. 

Notice that these problems will usually arise if you have underlying health conditions or consume pickles in excess quantities. 

Precautions for Consuming Pickles During Pregnancy

Wondering if we can eat pickles during pregnancy and how much is good? Eating an unhealthy amount of pickles causes dehydration. Ensure to drink adequate amounts of water to remain hydrated. It balances out the sodium content in your body. 

If you are prone to gastritis while pregnant, avoid eating pickles. Refrain from eating spicy pickles. It can trigger dysentery, heartburn, and acidity. 

Pickles high in sodium can prompt gestational hypertension. It may adversely affect the growth of the fetus. Consuming pickles treated with too many chemical preservatives can cause unnecessary complications during pregnancy.

Choose an unsweetened range of pickles over sweet  pickles during pregnancy to avoid any probable weight gain. 

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Opting for these healthier options ensures you can still enjoy the delightful flavours without compromising your health. Learn all the benefits of eating organic and farm fresh pickles down below!

Organic Pickles Made from Nature's Best

What kind of pickles you eat also matters. Pregnancy is a very sacred time for your body. You and your fetus deserve healthy and fresh foods and ingredients. Make sure they are 100% organic. 

Choose from organic brands that have no added preservatives. Eating organic pickles during pregnancy does not expose your body to excess oil or fat. 

Firstly, they retain the rich, authentic flavours that are a hallmark of traditional Indian cuisine, ensuring a delightful culinary experience. Secondly, their organic nature assures pregnant women of a cleaner and safer source of nutrition, devoid of harmful chemicals or preservatives. 

By opting for organic pickles during pregnancy, mothers-to-be can savour the tangy goodness while prioritising their health and that of the growing baby. Achieving this is possible when you are aware of the pickle-making process, ensuring the utmost safety and quality during your pregnancy journey.

Make Your Own Pickles

One way to ensure that you have access to organic and safe pickles to satisfy your craving is to make them! Making your own pickles is an age-old tradition that our grandmothers passed down to us! 

They are easy to make and do not require any physical extortion. You can make fresh pickles during pregnancy at home using cucumbers, spices like garlic, bay leaves, cardamom, mustard seeds, ginger, and pepper. Homemade pickles are free from preservatives and are a healthier alternative. 

It's crucial to prioritise hygiene when crafting homemade pickles. Ensuring thorough sanitation of equipment and ingredients is essential to prevent contamination risks. Pregnant women must exercise caution, particularly with fermented pickles, as they might harbour harmful bacteria. 

Before indulging in homemade pickles during pregnancy, seeking guidance from a healthcare provider is strongly advised to make informed choices regarding their safety and suitability for expectant mothers. 

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Pregnancy Cravings And Role Of Pickles

The exact cause of pregnancy cravings remains unknown. Many pregnant women intensely crave sour foods. It could be due to hormonal changes. Indulging in pickles during pregnancy satisfies cravings while providing essential nutrients. 

They're low-calorie, aiding weight management. Be mindful of sodium content; moderation is key. Cravings, often driven by hormonal changes, may signal a need for specific nutrients, like sodium and magnesium, vital during pregnancy.

Pickles are also rich in magnesium. Craving for pickles during pregnancy can indicate a deficiency in these salts. As stated earlier, always consume in moderation. 

Pro Tip: Avoid consuming unpasteurised pickles, ones that do not have proper labelling, pickles with preservatives, etc. Consult your physician before changing your diet.

FAQs: A Tangy Twist to Pregnancy: The Benefits of Eating Pickles During Pregnancy 

Are all types of pickles safe to eat during pregnancy? 

It is perfectly safe to eat all types of pickles in moderation during pregnancy. But beware of homemade ones, as they tend to grow listeria bacteria. 

How much pickle is too much during pregnancy? 

As pickles are high in salt ,it is advised to eat pickles in moderation. Also it’s best to ask your physician / dietician when making changes to your diet.

Can eating pickles lead to high blood pressure during pregnancy? 

Consuming excessive pickles can lead to high sodium levels, which may result in high blood pressure. Avoid overeating pickles

Are organic pickles safer than inorganic ones for pregnant women? 

Organically harvested pickles are safer as they have no added flavours or preservatives. Look for sour, less salty, and spicy pickles.

Can pickles cause indigestion?

Eating pickles in a limited amount cannot cause indigestion. 


Pickles emerge as more than just a tangy delight; they are an embodiment of tradition, flavour, and nourishment. In our journey through the world of pickles during pregnancy, these zesty condiments offer expectant mothers a multitude of benefits. 

While savouring the unique and satisfying taste of pickles, you can also relish the fact that they provide essential nutrients like probiotics, which support your digestive system during this crucial time.

When you're expecting, think about trying organic pickles from Two Brothers for a safe and pure option. Enjoy the tradition and tasty benefits of pickles during your pregnancy journey!


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