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Amorearth -Lemon Pickle

Amorearth Lemon Pickle is made with Heirloom variety organically grown farm lemons, No Oil, No Additives and No Preservatives, absolutely delicious and healthy too.

The art of Pickling was a closely-guarded family secret kept by every household. Pickles were meant to be created only in our kitchens where mothers and their mothers spent merry hours together — peeling, slicing, stirring, and bottling them in martbaans. In days to come, it would transform into a delicious condiment that was proudly served with every meal. It’s not just the science of mixing everything together in the right proportion, pickling is a craft that requires a certain kind of passion – not to forget patience and precision. We all have grown up with some sort of pickle that reminds us of many summer afternoons preserved in the memory and in the jar.

Amorearth Lemon pickle is handmade in small batches using the traditional "lacto fermentation" technique. Being oil-less and vinegar-free our pickles are good for the heart and delicious. The age-old Lacto fermentation method of making pickles produces probiotics which are good bacteria required for superior intestinal health. Amorearth Lemon pickles have no synthetic additives and preservatives.

How does Amorearth Lemon Pickle Taste?

A blissful combination of sweet and sour, the tangy flavours will enhance the taste of even the dullest dishes. Scoop a spoonful of it into your plate and enjoy eating it with theplas, parathas, khakhras and more.

The flavour is loaded with nostalgia but how long can it stay before it is no longer good, given its oil-free nature?

Lemon acts as a natural preservative and lime juice are often used to inhibit bacterial growth. The citric acid it contains promotes preservation. It may become darker or taste saltier, but it never really spoils. So is salt, both work together to make it last longer. The ingredients are often cured in salt before bottling. It draws out moisture and creates an environment where yeasts or moulds cannot survive.

What salt is used in Amorearth Lemon Pickle?

Himalayan Rock Salt is used for preserving Amorearth Lemon Pickle.

What is the shelf life of Amorearth Lemon Pickle? And how to store it?

If stored in a cool dry place it will stay good for 6 months. Do not let moisture enter the bottle.



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