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Plant Protein Powder: Benefits of having Organic Sattu Flour in Breakfast

Recent developments in health and lifestyle trends have brought an array of changes in society. Not only is there a growing awareness to have healthier diets, but there is also concern about what is a healthy diet. There has been a growing body of research that has brought significant findings on the animal sources of foods and their detrimental effect on health. According to PETA, going vegan can significantly boost your health. This is why, if not in totality; veganism in some way is increasingly finding a place in our life. 

One of the major nutrients obtained from animal sources is protein. And as we all know our body cannot function without protein. Proteins are the building blocks of our bones, cells, muscles, cartilages. They are also pivotal in the proper circulation of blood in our bodies. However, there have been some findings, which point towards the detrimental effects of animal protein. According to Cedars Sinai, several studies have linked animal protein to the growing incidence of heart disease, stroke and early death. This is why there has been a growing shift to plant-based protein.

What is Plant-Based Protein?

A very self-explanatory term itself, plant-based protein refers to a source that comes from plant products. This can include nuts, seeds, grains, soya etc. Plant-based proteins are amassing huge popularity today. Why? Well, that is because they are also blessed with fibres and a lot many vitamins and minerals. And they fairly have no side effects. Now this explains the huge popularity that plant-based proteins have amassed.

Some of the major sources of plant-based protein are- sattu powder, lentils, chickpeas, almonds etc. However, among the many sources, sattu is the most economical source of plant-based protein. This is why in today’s blog, we will be elaborating on the benefits of sattu flour, which makes it the best breakfast option. So without any further delay, let’s get started.

What is Sattu Flour?

Sattu Flour refers to a powder that is obtained from grinding roasted chana ( Bengal Gram). A staple from the Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand, today Sattu has become the new superfood. But what makes the ‘Poor-Man's Food’, a superfood today? Let’s find out

Aids Digestion

Being a rich insoluble fibre, sattu flour is considered great for the intestines. It cleanses your colon, removes out greasy food particles and boosts the overall digestive functioning of your body. Thus choose sattu and bid goodbye to all your digestive woes. Thank us later!

Powerhouse of Nutrients

In the earlier decades, sattu was considered a poor man’s diet and was thus looked upon. But recent research has shown us that the dry-roasting process of sattu keeps all its nutrients intact. This makes sattu a powerhouse of nutrients, as it contains copious amounts of iron, magnesium, manganese etc. Every 100 gm of sattu is said to have 65% carbohydrates and 20% protein. More reasons to have sattu flour!

Natural Coolant

What makes Sattu a staple in Bihar and Jharkhand is its natural cooling properties. It saves the body from the scorching summer sun and brings down the body temperature instantly. So if you are in a tropical summer region, you should consume sattu. 


Organic Sattu Flour is the best option for you if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic. Why? This is because Sattu Flour is low on the glycemic index. According to experts, regular intake of sattu not only regulates your sugar but also your blood pressure levels.

Good for Hair and Skin

Another reason to have sattu ka atta is that it's extremely beneficial for good hair and skin. According to Times Food, sattu hydrates your body. This rejuvenates your skin and gives it a glowy feel. Sattu is also great for your hair, as the rich iron content strengthens your hair follicles.

Controls Cholesterol

The fibrous content of sattu helps it manage the bad cholesterol level of our body. Additionally, it also aids in the production of 'good fats'. This makes it apt for you, especially if you are wanting to control your cholesterol levels.

Flushes out Body Toxins

Sattu should feature in your meals as a detoxifier. It naturally removes all the toxins from your body, improves your bowel movement and boosts the overall metabolism in the body. 

Increases your Energy

Apart from being a great source of protein, sattu also is a great source of carbohydrates. Every 100 gm of sattu contains 60% of carbohydrates. This makes you feel energised and makes you feel productive. 

Why should you have Sattu for Breakfast?

Experts have mentioned that breakfast in the morning is the most important meal of the day. While? Well, that's because as pertinent to its name, breakfast is the first meal of the day. Thus items for breakfast must be wholesome and rich in nutrients like folate, calcium, Vitamin B, iron and fibre. A major portion of our day's nutrient intake comes from breakfast. 

As breakfast is such an important component of your meal, it only makes sense for you to eat superfood items like Sattu. Filled with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, it is a wholesome power-packed item in itself. 

How to use Sattu Atta? 

One of the simplest ways to use sattu is to make the quintessential drink or sharbat out of it. All you need to do is to take sattu ka atta, add it to water and add your desired flavour or sweetener to it. This drink instantly cools your body and gives you relief from the unbearable summer heat.

There are many different ways in which sattu flour can be used. You can make litti out of it. Otherwise, you can also make porridge, pancakes, paranthas etc. The options and varieties of sattu dishes are numerous. 

Where should you get your Sattu from? 

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