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What are the Desi Gir Cow Ghee Health Benefits for Eyes and Nostrils?

Milk farms obtain ghee from the milk of Gir cows. In fact, the Best Desi Ghee is prepared from A2 milk, which is extracted from the best Indian cow breeds. Gir cow ghee is best for your overall prosperity. Pure desi ghee can deal with the adequacy of an unwell individual, and Gir cow ghee has been identified for its dietary advantage that allows one to recover faster. 

Gir cow breed is remarkably known for its premium assortment, and they exist in Gir slants and Kathiawar forest areas. They also have a vein that ingests energy from the sun, making the milk more predominant than others. Well, without a doubt, Ghee produced by gir cow breed milk, nourished well is what we need in our lives, especially as the pandemic has hit the globe. With remote operations at work, people are compelled to only sit at their couch and stare at their computer screens which is adversely affecting their eyesight.

Therefore, today we will share with you the advantages and methods to use desi gir cow ghee for maintaining the best health for your eyes and nostrils— keeping vision problems and nostril infections at bay!

Does Gir Cow Ghee have medicinal advantages? 

Indians grow up with the respectability of splendid oil that is desi ghee, and we, in general, know the advantages of ghee. Best Desi Ghee helps treat cold, infections, and nasal blockages. Moreover, it is one of the best and quickest home fixes for any illness. Some of the best home remedies for a quick immunity boost incorporate ghee with several herbs, spices and garlic cloves in it and consume it warm. However, incredibly, it will help you understand that desi ghee is a fix that can benefit even just a bit of scouring on your body and offer essentially great assistance for the overall well-being. 

If you consistently plan to include ghee in your daily health routine, you should apply two drops of ghee to the nostrils. When you wake up at the start of the day, post pee/crap and an hour preceding bathing, do one of either exercise. It is called Nasya Treatment in Ayurveda. It helps you to treat can various issues like:

  1. Agony, stress, lack of sleep. 
  2. Headache, weak memory, excessive stress.
  3. Fits, wheezing. 
  4. Drowsiness in eyes, weak eyesight. 
  5. Excessive sensitivity from dust, asthma, wheezing, sinus. 
  6. Delicateness in the throat on pollution, tonsillitis, throat infections, Thyroid, spondylitis. 
  7. Hairfall, dandruff, dark circles under eyes, dull skin. 

The Therapeutic Effects Of Desi Ghee

Now, we will enlighten you with the benefits of pouring two drops of ghee in the nose as you head to nap during the evening. 

The Best Desi Ghee In India contains such therapeutic properties which aren't found in any other food item. Desi cow ghee is a great source for treating biological disinfection and helping with new physical, mental, and academic development. While resting every night, pouring 2-2 drop cow's ghee in the nose gives us many benefits. 

How does the nasal treatment work? 

Nasya treatment ought to be conceivable at home, yet it will have fewer side effects at whatever point done under supervision. The arrangement of Nasya takes place in three phases. 

1. Poorvakarma or pre purificatory measures 

Consolidates facial back rub or overwhelm of steam to forehead, head, ears, and neck. It helps with diminishing the paste doshas. 

2. Pradhan Karma or essential strategy for Nasya 

It is the most important phase of Nasya treatment and requires lukewarm water for the two nostrils separately, a fitting instrument like a dropper can be used. After the complete treatment, the sole, shoulder, neck, ear, and palm get softly scoured. 

3. Paschat Karma or post-therapeutic measures 

In this methodology, patients' mouths get cleansed using lukewarm water by gargling.

  • Cleansing for signs like sinusitis, nasal stop up, epilepsy, and Parkinson's disease (Kapha blockages) 
  • Nutritive, for signs like lack of sleep, confusion, loss of smell, unsteadiness, uneasiness, and fear (Vata issues) 
  • Treating symptoms like conjunctivitis, alopecia, psoriasis of scalp and neck, nose channels (depends upon the dosha). 
  • Lubing up, for signs, for instance, neck pain, dry eyes, ear contamination, delicate teeth, others (depends upon the dosha).

It helps manage several ENT-related Health problems. Following are the ways how Best Desi Ghee In India helps you to treat nostril, ear and eye diseases:  

  • Pain Management: Nasya treats tension headaches, migraines, and cervical spondylosis.
  • Stress Reduction: Gir ghee stimulates the vital centers of the brain that regulate emotions and control stress.
  • Detoxification: Nasyam is one of the Panchakarma. It is an important Ayurvedic Detoxification therapy.
  • Skin & hair care: By using this treatment regularly, Best Desi Ghee can enhance skin texture or whitening. It can also improve hair texture, prevent greying of hair, and get rid of any scalp infections.
  • Paralysis: As suggested in Ayurveda, the nose is the opening to interconnection with the brain, any medicine instilled in the nasal cavity acts directly on the brain. 

The above-mentioned details signify that desi ghee is a rich source for improving the eyesight and health of nostrils. The rich source of omega 3 fatty acids help to maintain the health of the eyes and nostrils. Thus, treating the eyesight problems. For nostrils, desi ghee works well by releasing unnecessary toxins. However, to avail of these benefits, it is necessary to purchase only the best quality organic ghee made by reputed brands. 


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