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4 Quick and Healthy Breakfasts for Students

4 Quick and Healthy Breakfasts for Students

Do you know the secret ingredient of a student's academic journey? It is a nourishing and healthy breakfast for students. Breakfast has been vouched for as the most important meal of the day for ages, and rightly so.

Breakfast is not just about filling your stomach with empty calories. It's about providing students' brains and bodies with the nutrients and energy to function at their best. 

A nutritious bowl of healthy elements like fruits and cereals can be a game-changer in a student's day. It's not only quick and simple to prepare, but also offers a healthy start to the day. With a nutritious breakfast, you don't struggle with mid-morning hunger pangs; you're full. It improves your concentration, memory, and problem-solving abilities, which are extremely crucial for students.

Let’s look at some quick and healthy breakfasts for students that can be prepared in a jiffy and are convenient even for a student. 

Table of Contents 

  • Four Quick and Healthy Breakfasts for Students 
  • Four - Bonus Snacks To Spice Up Your Breakfast!
  • FAQs: 4 Quick and Healthy Breakfasts for Students
  • Conclusion 

4 Quick and Healthy Breakfasts for Students 

Healthy breakfasts for students are the secret weapon for academic success, energy, and a brighter outlook on life. Start your day with the right breakfast, and watch how it transforms your whole day.

Here are four quick ideas for healthy breakfasts for students that can be easily incorporated into their diet for better health and delicious flavours. 

Cereal Mixes

Cereal mixes support student health with their nutritious ingredients, low saturated fat content, and whole grains—a perfect breakfast choice for health-conscious students. 

You can have cereal as a midday snack or part of a breakfast with milk, fresh fruit juice, yoghurt, fruit bowls, or smoothies.

Check out these organic, healthy cereal mixes to add to your breakfast regime.

  • Rajgira Ragi and Rice Krispies Cereal Mix :This gluten-free blend, featuring Puffed Rajgira, Ragi flakes, Poha, and Rice Krispies, naturally sweetened with Palm Jaggery and enriched with Dried Apricots, Flax, Chia, and Sunflower seeds, packs a nutritious punch. 

It's a quick energy boost and an ideal breakfast. Versatile in its usage, it pairs perfectly with milk and yoghurt, providing a delicious and wholesome breakfast alternative, perfect for student health.

  • Almond Rajgira Crunchy Cereal Mix is a delightful blend of Ragi Flakes, Almonds, and dried dates, sweetened with honey and spiced with cinnamon. Packed with natural fiber, antioxidants, and essential nutrients; this cereal mix keeps you full for longer hours and benefits student’s health.

It can be enjoyed as a satisfying breakfast when paired with milk, and yoghurt, for a heart-conscious and delicious breakfast.

You can also enjoy it as a mid-day or evening snack ideal for a choice of healthy breakfasts for students.

  • Ragi Almond Crunchy Cereal Mix is filled with the goodness of Ragi flakes, Almonds, dried dates, black raisins, honey and spiced with cinnamon, and  heart-healthy ingredients like flax seeds and white sesame, rich in omega-3 fatty acids. 

It's free from additives, binders, fillers, and preservatives, making it a pure and wholesome choice for breakfast. 

Not everyone is a fan of cereals! So, here are some healthy creamy, delicious spreads to start your day a little differently.

Sandwiches with Healthy Spreads

Spreads like mayonnaise, cheese dips, etc. have unhealthy trans fats and saturated fats, casting a shadow over student health. It's important to make mindful choices. Consuming healthier spreads made from organic ingredients is the way to go forward.

Here are a few of the best options for sandwich spreads if you are looking for an organic, healthy breakfast for students.

  • Almond Butter
  • Made from native almonds, Almond Butter is a game changer. It is roasted and stone-ground in small batches, with a touch of natural sweetener - sugarcane jaggery. Apart from its delicious flavour, it offers an abundance of good fats, calcium, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, and Vitamin E. Incorporating it into a student's diet can only be a wholesome decision.

      Cashew Butter is a creamy spread, made from locally grown Kaju (cashew nuts), roasted and stone-ground. This butter is a harmonious blend of cashew nuts, jaggery, and rock salt, offering both taste and nourishment for your student health journey.

    • Peanut Butter
    • Peanut Butter is an age-old nutrition powerhouse, made from native peanuts, roasted, and grounded in the age-old tradition of stone-grinding. It's 100% natural and a great source of natural proteins, healthy fats, energy, dietary fiber, and good carbohydrates. 

      You can use these spreads to make sandwiches, wraps, and rolls. These spreads are great for muscle building, and they serve as a convenient travel mate and a quick on-the-go snack for students who are always in a hurry. These are both flavourful and nourishing, making these spreads a quintessential addition to student's meals.

      Nutri Bars



      Running late and grabbing a last-minute meal is a part of student life. In between classes, assignment deadlines, and juggling a fast-paced lifestyle, breakfast is often missed, and students end up compromising their health. These Nutri bars provide a convenient source of protein for a quick and satisfying snack .

      • Dates Almond & Rajgira Nutri Bar is a powerhouse of wholesome nutrition combined with the richness of almonds, amaranth, rajgira puffs, sunflower seeds, and chia seeds, all naturally sweetened with soft dates.
      • Almond Oat & Mishri Nutri Bar is a fusion of almonds, instant oats, and unrefined rock sugar (mishri) that offers natural sweetness, making it the perfect snack for your health-conscious student lifestyle. Made from locally sourced, naturally grown ingredients, Mishri's less processed sweetness is a boon. 
      • Palm Jaggery Oats Nutri Bar, made of oats, almonds, and sesame seeds, sweetened with palm jaggery and Himalayan honey, this bar is formulated to elevate your student's health.

      These Nutri Bars are your energy-boosting, nutrient-packed companions on the path to a healthier student life. If you're on the move, seeking a post-workout snack, or looking for a quick fix for your hunger pangs in between classes, these bars are your ideal companions.

      Filled with healthy fats, protein, essential nutrients, and dietary fiber, they fit right into gluten-free diets while also providing a dose of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants, ensuring your student's health is nourished with every bite.


      Another addition to the list of healthy breakfasts for students is Pohas. It has been a part of Indian breakfast for generations, cherished and adored by everyone. 

      In student's fast-paced routines, poha remains a wholesome and accessible option. Poha also offers an effortless way to include millet in your diet. 

      In student's busy schedules, millet pohas are a great breakfast option. Bajra (Pearl Millet) and Ragi (Finger Millet) Poha stand out as gluten-free whole grain choices.

      • Bajra Poha offers versatility, transforming into sweet or savoury delights. Soften it with water, add coconut, jaggery, banana, cardamom, and ghee for a wholesome treat. Alternatively, mix it with spices and veggies for a savoury option, contributing to a healthier student lifestyle. Embrace Bajra Poha for vibrant student health.
      • Ragi Poha, with its unique nutty flavour, provides a sustained source of energy, keeping students fueled throughout their busy academic days. Moreover, its gluten-free nature ensures easy digestion, making it suitable for students with dietary sensitivities like irritable bowel syndrome or gluten intolerance.

         4 Bonus Snacks To Spice Up Your Breakfast!

        Remember that breakfast is not just another meal—it's the foundation meal on which your day is built. So, before skipping breakfast or grabbing something unhealthy, look around and see if you can find any healthier alternative snacks to munch away on.

        1.Spiced Chatpata Makhana

        Makhana or Fox Nuts is one of the tastiest and healthiest snack options on the list. These seeds, dried, popped, and roasted with a mix of spices and seasonings, are a traditional favourite. Makhana boasts a nutrient profile that includes protein, fiber, and essential minerals, making it a wholesome choice for any time of day.

        Makhana seeds can be added to dishes like 'Bhel' and salads, adding a delightful crunchy texture. With their health benefits and versatile flavour, Makhana seeds are a tasty and nutritious addition to your daily snacks and meals for students. 

        Try out these spiced makhana instead of chips and feel the difference yourself.


        Chikkis are a nutritious and energising choice to consider for a snack. Gur Dani Chikki and Til Chikki or Black Sesame Jaggery Chikki are protein-packed marvels for taste buds that elevate student health.

        Fueled by heart-healthy oils from nuts, it offers a satisfying experience and a sustained release of energy. Ideal for students looking to maintain their well-being, it's a natural, refined-ingredient-free treat that doesn't just curb cravings but also nurtures student health.

        It's a fiber-rich and protein-packed delight; brimming with Vitamin B, enriched with healthy fats and antioxidants.

        3.Lemon Slice Snack 

        Lemon Slice Snack is a nutritious and flavorful snack option for students. Native variety Lemon (nimbu) peel, ground with unrefined sugar, sun-dried, and cut into slices. 

        This tangy on-the-go snack is delicious and rich in essential nutrients such as Vitamin C, Potassium, and Calcium. The native variety Kaagzii Nimbu peels provide a natural source of Vitamin C, known for its immune-boosting properties.

        Additionally, the high fiber content in citrus rinds supports digestive health, aids weight management, reduces cholesterol, and helps maintain stable blood sugar levels, making it an excellent choice for students seeking a healthy snack while on the move.

        4. TBOF x Paul&Mike Chocolate Pack


        Lastly, a well-deserved snack for students - chocolate! The naturally sweetened chocolate uses handmade jaggery, avoiding refined sugar. These bars contain a blend of organic jaggery, cacao beans, and peanut chikki, offering a unique taste experience. 

        The cacao beans are sourced from organic farmers in Idukki, Kerala, ensuring the highest quality and ethical sourcing. This chocolate is a healthy snack option for students seeking a guilt-free treat.

        FAQs: 4 Quick and Healthy Breakfasts for Students

        Are overnight breakfasts good options?

        Overnight breakfast options are a good option if mornings for you are typically busy. You can prepare overnight oatmeal with fruits and nuts the night before or assemble a yoghurt parfait with granola for a quick ready-to-eat breakfast.

        Is hydration an essential part of a healthy breakfast routine?

        Yes, hydration is an essential part of a healthy breakfast routine, as it helps kick start metabolism, aid digestion, and support overall well-being. Start your day with a glass of water and try to include smoothies and juice with pulp in your diet.

        Why is protein an important part of healthy breakfasts for students?

        Protein is an important factor in a student's breakfast as it provides sustained energy, helps with focus and concentration, and aids in muscle repair and growth.

        Is sugar consumption bad for student health?

        Excessive consumption of unhealthy breakfast items high in sugar and processed fats can be detrimental to student health, leading to energy crashes and potential long-term health issues.


        A healthy breakfast is the most crucial meal of a student’s day. 

        A day in a student’s life is about learning new things and actively participating in various physical and cognitive activities. All of this requires energy, high concentration, mobility, quick logical thinking, and great fitness. 

        We hope that these healthy breakfasts for students will not only fuel the students' bodies but also nurture their minds, enhancing their focus, energy, and overall vitality.

        As students navigate the bustling world of academia, remember that a simple yet impactful choice, like starting the day with a healthy breakfast, such as protein-rich Cereal mixes, Spreads, and Pohas can pave the way for a brighter and healthier future.

        Check out Two Brothers Organic Farms healthy breakfast and spreads to find the best one for you.


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