5 Amazing Benefits of Ghee and Why You Should Use it in Your Everyday Life?

5 Amazing Benefits of Ghee and Why You Should Use it in Your Everyday Life?

Ghee, also known as clarified butter, is nature's best gift to us. It is laden with so many vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy minerals that you can consider. Traditionally used in the ancient Vedic rituals in India, ghee has come a long way to be utilized as a superfood in contemporary times. Ghee has a very earthy and warm taste. Our homegrown chefs hence use it as a culinary ingredient.

Traditionally ghee was sourced from cow's milk, but now we have many vegan options too. The Indian subcontinent isn't the only place to grant great importance to this ingredient, even Egypt has significant records of implementing this substance into their rituals and food- The only difference you can find is that Egyptian ghee is made from buffalo milk.

Below we have enlisted the most beneficial traits of ghee and how we can utilize it in our everyday life.

Healthy Fat

Fats are not always bad for your body. Good/healthy fats are welcomed by your body, and ghee is one of them. It falls under saturated fats and is 100% safe for your cardiovascular health. Ghee boosts you up with energy and good cholesterol that does not let you feel tired quickly. It is also one peculiar fat that improves the metabolism rate of the body, has medium-chain fatty acids, improving your digestion system and protecting you from a fatty liver.

Immunity Booster

Ghee is a rich source of Butyric acid which is helpful in the production of T cells that fight against diseases and infections for you. It has already been recorded in Ayurvedic medicine that ghee is a super ingredient that can aid in preventing many health issues. Ayurveda records the usage of ghee in holy rituals too. It is advised to treat ghee as your sacred ingredient that can be used not just for food but for your rituals too.

Supports your gut

Ghee is excellent for your digestion, including your gut, intestines, and parts of your abdomen. Orthodoxically, it is believed that eating one spoon of ghee before every meal reduces the chances of ulcers and cancer.

Even though ghee is a byproduct of milk, it lacks milk solids. Hence, ghee is welcoming for lactose intolerant or milk allergen people too. You will no longer feel bloated with this miracle substance in your diet!

Toxins Cleanser

Ghee helps keep your body chakras clean and removes toxicity from the mind and body both. It is considered one of the sattvic foods.

Try to store ghee in brass bottles to unleash its powers and have it before meals to cleanse your palette and re-energize your senses. Ghee will make you feel vibrant, light, and balanced. It is also a great idea to use ghee as an alternative to wax candles; It gives off a warm aroma, giving off an aura of vitality.

Moisturizing Agent

Ghee is an excellent source for moisturizing dry skin. During the winter season, our skin gets flaky and cracked. But ghee can help you combat that! Make your own DIY organic ghee scrub with powdered oatmeal and a pinch of sandalwood powder. Mix it with yogurt, and you have an amazing fix for soft skin. You can also add rose water to this mixture to cure dull, cracked lips. All in all, ghee improves the skin texture naturally without the use of any harsh chemicals.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, ghee boosts the growth rate of your hair. It is rich in Vitamin A, which binds the hair root to the scalp preventing hair fall. Due to ghee being a water-soluble fat, it can easily fix all the split ends you are struggling with.

Ghee mixed with a spoon of coconut oil prevents dry scalp or dandruff. It is a homemade remedy for hair loss and flaky scalp. Ghee can also be used as a natural conditioning agent to restore shine in dull and damaged hairs.

If you have trouble with heavy mood swings, then ghee is your savior. Ghee is rich in Vitamin A, which controls hormonal imbalance. PMS syndrome, often linked with irregular periods, is caused by hormonal imbalance. This triggers the reaction of mood swings. So, one instant, you may be feeling calm and happy, then suddenly you would be hit by the blues. Ghee inhibits such toxic tendencies and behaviors. Keep ghee nearby for your mental and emotional wellbeing!

Why use it in daily life?

Ghee has a high smoke point as its free radicals do not break its bonds easily. You need high temperatures to break free radicals which are harmful for you & can cause cancer. So, ghee is a very healthy option for frying, tempering, sauteing, and cooking. We generally use vegetable oil available in the market, but excessive oils are not suitable for our body. Indian food exceptionally utilizes ghee in its cooking, and it brags itself as one of the most nutritious and delicious cuisines of the world.

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