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A Special Report on Climate Change and Land, released in the last year by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stresses on the consumption of sustainable diets high in coarse grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables, and low in energy-intensive, animal-sourced and discretionary foods such as sugary beverages, points out major opportunities for reducing Greenhouse gas emissions from food systems besides the implementation of more sustainable farming practices. The report emphasizes that the agriculture sector be made to feature more prominently in the search for solutions.

Responding to the IPCC, the World Farmers' Organisation (WFO) said that it is 'promoting a reverse paradigm for policy making following a bottom-up approach where farmers lead the process.'

Farmer Diaries, a quarterly Publication created entirely in-house by our team is a sincere effort in this direction to share our learning. 

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We are always learning, always improving. Remember - we are farm people trying to do new things to make this a fun ride :-)


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Farmer Diaries - April 2019 Edition

Farmer Diaries by TBOF, April 2019, Farmer Magazine, Farmer Publication, Two Brothers Organic Farms

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Farmer Diaries - July 2019 Edition


In this edition, we carried a detailed feature on 'What Sustainability means in the evolving food Landscape' for which we reached out to Chefs, Nutritionists, Waste management experts and Food Bloggers.

Farmer Diaries by TBOF, July 2019, Farmer Magazine, Farmer Publication, Two Brothers Organic Farms

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Farmer Diaries - February 2020 Edition

Who does not know of the amazingly talented and creative Chef Thomas Zaccharias of the Bombay Canteen whose passion for Desi, Indigenous Local foods has brought many a regional cuisine and long lost traditional recipes in its original and many inspired avatars to not just the ultra modern food scene of Mumbai but also many other parts of the world!
We caught up with Chef Thomas (in the middle of what looked like a really busy day for him and his crew) for an interview - Not just did he take the time out to answer all her questions but he shared tremendous insights from his travel & food experiences with genuine fervor and enthusiasm. Be sure to check it out. Here's wishing for this food genius and his equally passionate team heaps and bundles of power and success in all their future endeavors!
And yes, we also have updates from the Organic Food Forest at Bishops School and the little farming battalion at Polymath's School, about new product launches and the mandatory special freebies that we pack into every edition for you! 
Farmer Diaries by TBOF, February 2020, Farmer Magazine, Farmer Publication, Two Brothers Organic Farms

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