Farmer's Kitaab

As a conscientious food brand we at Two Brothers are gathering stories, documenting recipes and entering social media spaces to make sure our efforts are seen, heard and felt. If we want to inspire food education on the right path the onus is on us to give it our best shot. We want to bring back the experience of the authentic Indian way of life and package it to suit modern living.

The Diwali DIY gift solution is a part of that process. We see it as a win-win. The customer gets everything handed over in a beautifully curated kit and learns to hone some cooking skills while we get to see our efforts go into the making of a healthier nation; one product at a time.

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#NavaratriWithTBOF - Day 9 Colour - Purple

Siddhidatri - the name literally means the bestower of wisdom or Siddhi, Siddhi here need not be bookish knowledge but could imply intuitive wisdom gained from meditation and training the mind.
Purple is the colour we celebrate today and we couldn't take our minds off the lush purple colour brinjals (or eggplants) that we had in our kitchen, freshly harvested just yesterday.
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#NavaratriWithTBOF - Day 8 Colour - Pink

Mahagauri - The Goddess who slayed the demons Chanda Munda, Shumbha Nishumbha; She is believed to grant wishes, fulfil desires and the one who radiates a bright shining aura. 

The colour Pink that we celebrate today is symbolic of her radiance. Pink is such a lovely colour one that exudes beauty and grace. It is symbolic of hope, affection, kindness, benevolence, generosity; all attributes of the feminine energy.

Today's recipe is a perfect choice for Navaratri fasting! Navaratri is incomplete without different varieties of 'Sundal' in the South of India. Today's recipe is inspired by the Navaratri Sundal; however it is a Porridge made using the roasted Kala Chana or Harbhara Chana Stoneground flour - called Sattu in the north of India.

We bring you two versions of the porridge; both savoury and sweet.

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#NavaratriWithTBOF - Day 6 Colour - Red

Katyayani - On the 6th day of Navaratri the goddess is worshipped in her fierce form, Katyayani who slayed the demon Mahishasura. She is believed to be born from the anger of all gods and hence is also associated with the colour Red.  

The Red colour represents infinite courage, fierceness in action and vigour.  

Today's recipe is a really special one! 

And if you ask us, we wouldn't know a more fitting, a more magnificent celebration of the colour RED using food.

Paan, or the stuffed betel leaf that is usually had following a heavy meal is a super powerful digestive. Betel leaves have paramount significance in Indian Culture - always exchanged or presented to guests at festivals, marriages and auspicious occasions. 

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