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Buying a TBOF product means joining in the celebration of hand labor and supporting local skilled artisans and organic farmers in a big way.

Community support makes a huge difference to our families, the women in our villages, our children. When you buy from us, you don't just buy healthful food, but you also help secure rural livelihoods. With good food, you also buy a self sustaining local food system, where the soil is cared for and yields seasonal food naturally, in abundance. You make it possible for all of us to make a difference, and give back to the planet. You make it possible to champion the Organic movement and present farming as a lucrative, fulfilling career option to the youth of this country.



Few of us, like minded folks came together to form 'OrganicWe' - A Nonprofit body to enhance awareness of organic food and create a platform for organic farmers to sell their produce.


We carry our produce all the way to farmer markets in Mumbai every weekend and facilitate the shorter value chain of buying directly from farmers, for consumers.

Work with Educational Institutions

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TBOF x Paul and Mike

Special edition chocolate through a collaboration with Artisanal Fine chocolate makers Paul and Mike - farmers and fermenters.

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TBOF x Zishta

We are truly humbled and proud to launch this initiative jointly as it serves many purposes – revival of an ancient craft and design and supporting a community and reviving them in the times of need

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