Healthy People
Healthy Planet

Workers of the soil - craftsmen of health

As farmers, we constantly work at achieving health as a goal, as a way of life. The pandemic has forced many to make food choices finding alternative medicine through everyday ingredients and mixes in our kitchens. However, this trend of seeking medicinal value in foods is at the very core of the Indian philosophy that our ancestors lived by.


Heirloom and Indigenous breeds are critical to Sustainability. Plant breeds that are native or ‘Indigenous’ to our region are most suited for local weather conditions. They are hardy; have developed disease-pest resistance, adapt very well to climate variation and the soil environment.

Local Food Systems


All food that we make is largely made by hand. We think handmade is beautiful, exquisite and a work of art! The skill of the hand, intuition and creative instinct of real people has never failed to fascinate us. When we use our hands to make food, we seize our finite time and transform the mundane to something special.



We facilitate insect pollination and house 20 Bee-boxes currently. Our fruits are born from natural pollination by bees and other insects. We also support and work closely with Nomadic Beekeepers.

Native Seed Bank

We save seeds from each harvest for the next season. We also sell these seeds to consumers and share them with our farmer friends in the village. We strive to free 'the seed' from corporate control and bring back the right of the farmer to save his seeds and cultivate only indigenous, heirloom breeds.

We are a Carbon Positive Business.

As per a study done, we at TBOF, have sequestered 10,000 tons of carbon every year, which is 70,000 tons of carbon over the last 7 years. Everything that you buy from us looks like just good food at first encounter; but it is a piece of rebuilt Soil, replenished groundwater, recycled carbon.

Eco Friendly Packaging


Rain Water Harvesting

The Bund that we built to harvest rainwater, this year (2020) alone, has harvested four and a half crore litres of water. This is a ‘Raw’ pit and is free of plastic lining, this helps to recharge the underground water and is also helpful for our neighbouring farms too.