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Save Rs. 100.00
A2 Cultured Ghee, Desi Gir Cow
Regular price Rs. 650.00 Sale price from Rs. 550.00
Sugarcane Jaggery Block 900g
Rs. 189.00
Sugarcane Jaggery, Crushed Granular 500g
Rs. 129.00
Save Rs. 131.00
Amlaprash (Limited Edition Chyawanprash)
Regular price Rs. 630.00 Sale price from Rs. 499.00
Immunity Boosting Powder by Luke Coutinho 150g
Rs. 850.00
Khapli (Emmer Long Wheat) Atta, Stoneground
from Rs. 349.00
Salem Haldi (Ground Turmeric), Single-Origin
from Rs. 99.00
Sattu and Jaggery Laddoo, No Sugar 250g
Rs. 435.00
Peanut Oil, Wood-Pressed, Single-filtered
from Rs. 495.00
Peanut Butter, Creamy with Jaggery, Stoneground
from Rs. 365.00
Moringa Powder, Chemical-Free Lab-Tested 100g
Rs. 225.00
Dink|Gondh (Edible Gum) Laddoo, No Sugar 250g
Rs. 529.00
Lemon Pickle
from Rs. 320.00
Full Moon Cultured Ghee, Desi Gir Cow
from Rs. 1,999.00
Til (Sesame) Gur Laddoo, No Sugar, 250g
Rs. 290.00
Sattu Atta, Stoneground 1kg
Rs. 390.00
Save Rs. 29.00
Sugarcane Jaggery, Nuggets 500g
Regular price Rs. 145.00 Sale price Rs. 116.00
Acacia Honey, Raw Mono-floral Unfiltered 350g
Rs. 799.00
Peanut Butter, Crunchy with Jaggery, Stoneground
from Rs. 365.00
Peanut Butter, Creamy Plain, Stoneground
from Rs. 365.00
Peanut Chutney, Hand Pounded (Spicy) - Pack of 2
Rs. 310.00
Gur Dani Chikki (Peanut Brittle), Handmade 100g
Rs. 110.00
Ajara Ghansal Rice, Semi-Polished 1kg
Rs. 290.00
Dhoop (Incense) Sticks, Handmade 30 pieces
Rs. 450.00
Save Rs. 51.00
Jowar (Sorghum) Atta, Desi Dagdi Stoneground 2kg
Regular price Rs. 320.00 Sale price Rs. 269.00
Gulkand 300g
Rs. 499.00
Lemon Squash 290 ml
Rs. 325.00
Khapli (Emmer Long Wheat) Grains, 5kg
Rs. 819.00
Colostrum Powder, Desi Gir Cow 100g
Rs. 1,599.00
Panchagavya, Natural Plant Growth Promoter
Rs. 450.00
Thandai Drink Mix, All Natural. 150g
Rs. 599.00
Konkan Red Rice, Unpolished 1kg
Rs. 205.00
Lemon Slices Snack, Sundried, 100g 2 pack
Rs. 249.00
Liquid Sugarcane Jaggery ( Kaakvi)
Rs. 275.00
Dashparni Ark, Pest and Insect Repellant
Rs. 350.00